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Want to buy a second-hand phone? Here’s some good news: you’re not exactly short of options. If you’ve already decided on the kind of phone you want, the number one question on your mind may be, ‘Where do I find second-hand phones near me?’

While there are definitely brick-and-mortar shops that sell used phones (often alongside new ones), the most convenient option for most people is to buy smartphones online. The Internet opens up a world of choice and possibilities for you to take your pick from just about any smartphone you like, whatever the make and model may be.

That’s not to say buying phones online doesn’t have risks. When you purchase your phone from a stranger on a random marketplace, it usually won’t include a warranty. If anything goes wrong with it, or it isn’t what you paid for, you may find yourself out of pocket with few options to pursue.

The best way to prevent that from happening and to take home a phone you’ll be happy with is to buy a refurbished one. So where is the best place to buy a second-hand phone that has been refurbished? First, let’s look at what a refurbished phone is and some of its benefits.  


What Is A Refurbished Phone? 

More than just a usual second-hand phone, a refurbished phone is a used phone that has been restored to proper working order before being re-sold. A manufacturer or retailer like OzMobiles has bought the phone from its previous owner, thoroughly checked and tested it and ensured that every part of the phone is in good working order – or repair it. Because refurbished phone retailers are professionals, when you buy a second-hand phone that has been refurbished, it will come with a warranty. On the off chance, it’s not what you expected or paid for, you’ll be covered for an exchange or refund.

In terms of quality, most refurbished phones can hold their own against new ones, even if a lot of them may be older models. Most are sold in grades, and while the grades can vary, they usually range from practically in new-like condition to a little more worn-out. It’s highly possible that apart from a few chips, dents or scuffs, your refurbished mobile will pretty much look just like a new one.

Refurbished phones are cheaper – that’s a given. They bring you a similar level of quality to new phones while also saving you up to several hundred dollars or more. If you’re going to buy smartphones online, they provide you with the highest level of quality it’s possible to get second-hand. They’re also easy to get a hold of. There’s no need to spend hours driving around thinking, ‘Where are all the decent second-hand phones near me?’ when you can find every model you could want online.

Another reason to buy a second-hand phone is its benefits for the environment. People throw billions of smartphones away every year, clogging up the world’s landfills and adding to the escalating problem of e-waste (electronic waste). E-waste is the world’s fastest-growing variety of waste and is responsible for up to 70% of the toxic chemicals found in landfill. Chemicals that make their way into the soil and atmosphere, damaging the environment and human health.

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Refurbishing Process 

There are several steps involved in the refurbishing process before the smartphones go on sale for you to buy. The refurbisher will restore the phone to factory settings, erasing the previous owner’s data. They’ll run background checks to ensure that the phone isn’t stolen or lost. They’ll remove any software or hardware-based customisations on the phone. Then they’ll repair or replace any part that’s damaged, from the microphone to the screen to the battery.


Different Types of Refurbished Phone 

When you buy smartphones online, there are always plenty of options. Some common refurbished phone types available through OzMobiles include:

Refurbished iPhones: Apple remains one of the world’s most iconic brands, largely due to its stunningly popular smartphones. Apple users love the iPhone for how easy and intuitive it is to use, how seamlessly it connects with the rest of the iOS ecosystem and how it’s always pushing the limits of what’s possible with technology. It’s no secret that new iPhones are usually expensive, which is why buying refurbished iPhones is such a sweet deal: the same quality product for so much less.

Refurbished Samsung phones: As the world’s leading Android brand, Samsung’s Galaxy phone has a whole range of benefits to explain its prime position in the marketplace. It has access to the world’s largest app store, excellent multi-tasking power, top-notch security, a long-lasting battery and a quality camera. Like iPhones, new Samsungs can also be pricy, which is why when you buy a second-hand phone online, a refurbished Samsung is such a score.

Refurbished Android phones: There are a lot of different Android-based phones, each with its own unique features and benefits, and OzMobiles has refurbished versions of most of the major ones. Whether you fancy Google’s Pixel range, an Oppo or a Huawei, you can score even sweeter deals on these already fairly budget-friendly phones when you buy them refurbished.

Ex-demo phones: What happens to those phones you see on display in retail stores when you’re shopping for a new smartphone? They become ex-demo phones. Because these smartphones have usually only been taken out of their boxes to be displayed in phone stores, they tend to be in a condition that’s pretty much identical to brand new.

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Where to Buy Second-Hand Phones

If you’re ready to buy a second-hand phone that you know you can count on, the best option is to buy a refurbished phone through OzMobiles.

There’s no longer any need to ask, ‘Where can I find the best second-hand phones near me?’ when OzMobiles provides a world of different smartphones right at your fingertips.

We’re an Australian-owned and operated company, and all of our devices are tested at our Melbourne headquarters to make sure they comply with Australian standards. We put every device we sell through a 72-point checking process, including battery life, which we make sure is at least at 80% capacity. When you buy smartphones online through OzMobiles, all of them are 100% fully functional and sold with 12-month warranties and 30-day money-back guarantees.

Not only do we keep our phones cheap, but we also get them to you quickly with free and fast shipping. Order before 12:30 pm on a weekday, and we’ll send your phone out on the same day.

Found the ideal phone online but can’t afford to pay for the whole thing in one go? OzMobiles lets you buy now and pay later through services like AfterPay, ZipPay and PayPal Pay in 4. Maybe you’ve found a better deal on the same phone somewhere else? We can beat that price by $10, although terms and conditions apply.

When you embrace buying second-hand phones online through OzMobiles, the possibilities are endless, with new used phones arriving all the time. There’s no need to race around town exclaiming, “Where are all the decent second-hand phones near me?” ever again.

If you need help to buy a second-hand phone or just have any questions for us, contact the friendly team at OzMobiles!

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