A phone on an outside table with flames coming out of the screen.

What to Do When Your Phone Is Overheating

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Find out what to do when your phone is overheating, including the causes, how to prevent it and when it is time for a new phone.
The Most Affordable Refurbished Phones with 5G

The Most Affordable Refurbished Phones with 5G

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Learn about 5G and the range of refurbished phones available with this technology.
A white iPhone in focus with an array of different coloured iPhones out of focus in the background

Best Place to Buy A Second-Hand Phone

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When you buy a second-hand phone that has been refurbished by OzMobiles, you not only get a warranty but also a quality device at affordable prices.
iPhone 12 series each in a different colour- red, white, and blue

Is It Worth Buying a Refurbished iPhone 12 Mini?

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Discover the benefits of buying a refurbished iPhone 12 Mini. Not only will you get all the features of a new phone, but you’ll also get it at a cheaper price.