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Apple’s highest-selling laptop; the MacBook Air is an even better deal when you can save hundreds of dollars while purchasing it.

Powered by either an M1 or an M2 chip, a MacBook Air is a sleek, silent and powerful device. Its versatility and technological innovations are exceptionally difficult to match. As far as laptops go, it’s about as top-of-the-line as you can get. With its slim build, fan-free design, battery life of up to 18 hours, and a pro-quality camera and mic, it’s perfect for businesspeople, creatives, students and anyone else who needs a trustworthy, dynamic, reliable machine when they’re on the go.  

If you’ve never bought a secondhand laptop, you may wonder if it’s a safe buy. Can you trust the quality of your purchase? And if anything goes wrong, will you still be covered by a warranty?

When you buy a refurbished laptop, the answer to both those questions is yes. The safest way to buy a second-hand MacBook Air or any other laptop is to find one refurbished. And the best way to buy refurbished is through a retailer who knows what they’re doing and operates at a professional level.

Refurbished devices are second-hand or pre-owned devices. They might be second-hand for many reasons. The previous buyer might have returned them or traded them for something new. Or someone might have taken them out of their boxes just to put them on display in the shop (these kinds of devices are known as “ex-demo”).

The difference between refurbished and other used devices is that a professional retailer has tested the refurbished ones, repaired them if necessary, and sold them with a warranty. When you choose the right retail outlet, you can find refurbished devices that are impossible to distinguish from store-bought ones.

If you’re looking for a place to buy an Apple MacBook Air second-hand or a demo MacBook Air, you’ve found it. OzMobiles has MacBook models like the Apple 13" MacBook Air 2020 and other Apple laptops. If you want to make sure you’re getting high quality and value for money, buy second-hand MacBook Air through OzMobiles!  


What Are the Benefits of a MacBook Air?

With all the options, why should you buy a second-hand MacBook Air in particular? With the MacBook Air, Apple continues to push the limits of what’s possible. The device’s popularity and many glowing reviews are testaments to its quality. Benefits of the MacBook Air include (but aren’t limited to)

  • Apple’s M1 and M2 chips, both of which deliver incredible speeds and surprisingly fast performances for such lightweight and portable laptops.
  • Hours of battery life make the MacBook perfect for international flights, long study sessions or whenever you may not have a charger on hand.  
  • Speaking of being in transit, the MacBook is slim, light and easy to carry, so you can take it anywhere.
  • A GPU that lets you create, edit and play multiple streams of 4K video without the speed or quality suffering.
  • A noiseless, fanless build for the ultimate in subtlety and discretion in public.
  • Stunning aesthetics with availability in a wide range of colours.
  • A 4 million pixel display that boldly shows vibrant colours, clear text and well-defined details.
  • Professional-quality mics, cameras and sound quality, so you always have access to top-notch audio while recording music or in a Zoom meeting.
  • Ultra-fast editing power and gaming speed.
  • Internal storage of 128GB, which means efficiency and fast processing.
  • Intuitive to use, like other Apple devices. It has an interface that will take no time to get used to.
  • Easy to connect to other devices, especially on iOS.

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Benefits of Buying a Secondhand MacBook Air

There are several good reasons to buy a second-hand MacBook Air, especially if you choose the refurbished option. Buying an Apple MacBook Air second-hand or a demo MacBook Air is a strong choice for your bank balance, the environment and peace of mind.

Let’s look at some of the major benefits

  • The main reason most people buy second-hand laptops is to save money. Fortunately, you can save hundreds of dollars with refurbished models – sometimes even a grand or more. All refurbished devices, including laptops and smartphones, offer full functionality for sometimes a fraction of the price you’d pay at a shopping mall.
  • Refurbished laptops are better for the environment. In Australia, millions of electronic devices like smartphones and laptops are thrown out every year, mostly ending up in a landfill. Australians generate 140,000+ tonnes of e-waste (electronic waste) every year, and the amount is steadily growing. When you buy refurbished, you save a laptop from ending up in a landfill and help stem the demand for more new laptops to be produced. This means fewer C02 emissions and fewer toxic chemicals leaking into the environment from e-waste. For those who care about the planet and their own personal carbon footprint, it’s an ethical purchase that feels good.
  • When you buy refurbished, you know you’ll get a great deal. You’re not just buying from a stranger on the Internet and hoping for the best. When you purchase a refurbished or demo MacBook Air through a company like OzMobiles, you get a warranty, a quality guarantee, payment plans etc. It’s the most reliable way to get a high-quality, affordable laptop delivered to you fast.

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Where to Buy an Apple MacBook Air Second Hand

You can buy a second-hand MacBook Air in various places, but there’s no need to look any further than right here at OzMobiles.

OzMobiles are an Australian-owned and operated company. All our devices are tested at our Melbourne headquarters using our 72-point checking process. Part of this process is testing the battery to ensure it’s still at least 80% battery health. While we take great care to ensure all our devices live up to Australian standards, we also include 12 month warranty and a 30-day return policy in case anything goes wrong – or in the unlikely event that you don’t get what you expect.

We take pride in promoting sustainability, recycling and care for the environment, which is why even our packaging is made from 100% recyclable material. You, your pocket and the planet all benefit. We live by the four Rs: refurbished, reduce, reuse and recycle, and we don’t like to let anything go to waste when it can take on a whole new life.

We want your laptop to get to you quickly, so we offer free and fast shipping.

Then there’s the cost. We know people buy refurbished phones to save money, so we keep our costs low. If you find a better deal somewhere else, we’ll beat that price by $10 (terms and conditions) apply. And if you’re on a tight budget, you can pay in instalments through services like ZipPay, AfterPay and PayPal Pay in 4.

Get in touch with us to get your hands on a quality Apple MacBook Air second-hand. 

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