Refurbished Google Pixel vs. Samsung Galaxy: Camera Quality

The perfect snap for social media, an immaculately preserved memory, a moment in time spontaneously captured and maybe shared: there’s a lot you can do with a good camera.

Camera quality is one of the most important considerations for smartphone buyers. Manufacturers compete with one another to offer the best and most innovative camera set-ups, embracing new technology like AI-assisted machine learning and multi-lens systems in the process. Two of the biggest names in the Android space are Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel, and both are highly regarded by customers and reviewers alike for the quality of their camera systems.

If camera quality is your biggest consideration when smartphone shopping (and fair enough), you might have some tough decisions to make. If Android is your style, there’s the question of Google Pixel camera quality vs. Samsung Galaxy camera quality.

Thanks to refurbished smartphones, you can now pick up recent models of smartphones, sometimes just months after their release dates, at far more affordable prices. With more choices, however, comes more decisions to make. When you compare the new Google Pixel’s camera vs. the Samsung S23, can you pick a clear winner?

In this article, we look at why Android fans love Google Pixel’s camera quality, how the Samsung Galaxy’s camera quality stacks up and how the two compare in a shootout.


Refurbished Google Pixel Camera Quality

A Pixel phone with the camera app open showing more Google branding.

When a true professional puts a phone through the refurbishment process, you can bet they thoroughly test it to ensure every part of it still works. That means when you buy a refurbished Google Pixel, the camera quality is well-preserved, which is lucky because it’s well worth preserving.

The Google Pixel’s camera system is intuitive, designed for spontaneous picture-taking and packed with cool features. Its default auto mode is HDR+ Auto, which captures several images in an auto-fire fashion, tone maps them and creates a single image from the best attributes. Smart Burst is a feature that captures up to 30 frames a second while you shoot and analyse the details – right down to facial expressions – to find the ten best.

The Google Pixel doesn’t compromise on the built-in features either. It includes the IMX378 sensor, a 12-megapixel chip from Sony with exceptional image quality.

Great in low lighting conditions, Google Pixel’s camera quality remains consistently good across all models, even if the specs may differ. For example, the Google Pixel 6 Pro is slightly brighter regarding exposure, but both offer vibrant colours and a solid white balance.


Refurbished Samsung Galaxy Camera Quality

Four Samsung phones in different colour being fanned out in a display.

The refurbishment journey doesn’t compromise the high camera quality of Samsung Galaxy smartphones, with the Samsung Galaxy S23 topping lists of 2023’s best smartphones.

The S23 comes packing a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip and powerful camera features that make the Google Pixel camera vs. Samsung S23 debate a tough match to settle. The Galaxy S23 and S23 Plus models both have 50MP primary cameras. The Galaxy S23 Ultra carries a 200MP camera, and all three S23 models come with the Infinity-O front-facing selfie camera.

Camera quality is widely regarded as one of Samsung Galaxy’s best features, and Samsung phones are designed to equip you to take high-quality shots regardless of skill. Their large camera sensors capture more detail in dim lighting, and Portrait Mode lets you quickly unblur your backgrounds. Samsung cameras are known to automatically add flair and saturation to photos, leading to crisp colours that pop even with no filters or editing.

No matter what kind of Samsung model you prefer - from compact Z Folds and Z Flips to the S range to the budget-friendly A range - you can find a model in your style with a top-notch camera. Samsung Galaxy’s camera quality is hard to dispute. What does make for a raging debate, however, is how the standards of Samsung Galaxy compare to the Google Pixel’s camera quality. When you want to get the most out of your camera, which Android brand offers the best possible pictures?


Which Has The Better Camera Quality?

A Pixel phone turning on showing the Google logo.

The choice between Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy isn’t easy and comes down to more than the camera. While no one else can tell you which one you’ll prefer, OzMobiles can give you some idea of how the camera models of both phones compare. Let’s look at some of the main features of smartphone cameras to delve deeper into the benefits of the Google Pixel camera vs. the Samsung S23:

Image processing

Google Pixel’s camera quality and Samsung’s are on a similar level here. They both provide clear image processing, with Samsung a little heavier on the sharpening side. Google Pixel’s camera quality shines through in areas like Portrait Mode and High Dynamic Range (HDR), while Samsung Galaxy lets you take control with a large number of settings.

Camera hardware

Samsung Galaxy’s camera quality and Google Pixel’s are similar as both have high-grade hardware. However, Samsung is more likely to include extra lenses to reach the standard. The Samsung Galaxy S23, for example, comes with three rear lenses compared to the two you get from the Google Pixel 7.  More lenses allow your smartphone camera to combine the visual data for the best possible results. More lenses don’t necessarily guarantee good shots, however, and Google Pixel does take the approach of depth and stabilisation software instead.  

Low-light photography

Google Pixel’s camera quality and Samsung’s are both at a high enough level to provide clear and vivid night shots. The Samsung S23 Ultra has a low-light mode called Night, while the Pixel 8 Pro comes with Night Sight, and both activate automatically when the natural light starts to fade.

Zoom capability

This is one area in which Samsung has traditionally been the clear winner. Samsung phones often have dedicated telephoto lenses for zooming without loss, and Google Pixel images can turn out a little less detailed when you use Zoom. However, Google has been making serious strides in this area, and new features like the Zoom Enhance for Google Pixel 8 Pro are drawing on the benefits of generative AI.

Video recording

Both the Samsung S23 and the Google Pixel 8 Pro produce stunning videos in 4K, but the Samsung S23 has the small advantage of smoother and more stable panning and tilting.

With both Android brands so heavily focused on camera quality, the question of Samsung S23 vs. a Google Pixel camera ultimately comes down to your personal preference. If you prefer a simple user interface, Google Pixel will likely be all you need. But if you want additional features and the highest amount of choice possible, a Samsung Galaxy might be the smartphone for you.


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