Trade-in January 2024 $50 Credit Voucher/Offer
Receive a $50 Credit Voucher for OzMobiles
  • OzMobiles will issue a $50 Credit Voucher (or partial refund) once once you trade in your device on and send it in to us.
  • We need to receive the device before issuing the credit.***
  • Want to buy a phone right now? You can purchase a device from OzMobiles right away, but you won't get the $50 voucher until we process your trade in.***

    Note, we can also process a partial-refund if you have purchased a device already.
  • Phone must be working condition or better, phone must not be water damaged, phone should be unblocked/unlocked
  • Offer is valid for 30 days only
  • Device must be received, and offer accepted for the credit to be approved

How to claim your offer?
1) Once you have submitted a trade in order on, you will be issued with a Order Number. 
2) Visit this link to submit a ticket --->
3) Quote in the details you are appling for the $50 trade in offer 
       a) If only applying for a credit, you only need to quote your trade in order number. 
       b) If applying for a partial refund, you need to submit both your trade in order number aswell as your OzMobiles purchase order number. This is the number you receive when you purchase a device from us. Your partial refund will be applied to the order where you have purchased a device.
4) Either option will only be issued once your device has been received and processed by our team. The offer for trade in must be accepted and paid prior to a credit / partial refund being issued.

*** Your purchase order on OzMobiles must be for a device (Phone, Tablet, Watch or Laptop only), Accessory only purchases will not qualify.
*** OzMobiles purchase order must be on or after 16th of January 2024 to qualify.