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The average Aussie spends about  2.5 hours on their phone each day, which equates to about 38 days each year. Obviously, some use their phones more than others, but with that average, most people depend on a strong, long-lasting battery life to get their phones through the day without having to recharge several times. 

Whether you use your phone for work or you check in with your friends at school, having a smartphone you can depend on to give you a long-lasting life is important. 

With that in mind, let’s look at which phones have the longest battery life and some of the additional features they offer. 

Samsung Galaxy S10+

The  Samsung Galaxy S10+ has up to 12 hours and 35 minutes of battery life on one charge. If you’re an avid Android user, this is one of the best phones you can possibly use when you need a long-lasting battery. 

The Galaxy S10+ also has cutting edge features that have come about over 10 years of Samsung innovation. It eliminates distractions by getting rid of the traditional ‘notch,’ and the Infinity-O Display looks incredibly sharp. 

In addition to a long-lasting battery life, the other “power perk” of this particular phone is that it charges quickly. Thanks to Fast Wireless Charging 2.0, you’ll get your battery power back to 100% much faster than in the past. 

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

The  Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra has a battery life of up to 11 hours and 58 minutes. You’ll love using every last second of that battery life because the Galaxy S20 Ultra features 5G coverage. That will allow you to stream your favourite shows and movies, and play video games without interruption. Those things typically are quick to drain your battery life, but you can play or watch for hours on this particular device. 

It’s also a great phone for capturing photos and videos, thanks to the 120Hz display and 108MP camera. So, you can take it with you on just about any adventure and you won’t have to worry about your battery dying while you’re taking great photos and videos. 

iPhone 11 Pro Max

The  iPhone 11 Pro Max comes in just behind the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra for battery life. A single charge can give you up to 11 hours and 54 minutes. So, if you’re typically an iPhone user, it’s definitely worth it to stick with an iOS system instead of switching to an Android just for a few extra minutes. 

The iPhone 11 Pro Max has a claim to fame with its battery life - it’s the longest-lasting ever for an iPhone (on par with the newly-released iPhone 12 Pro Max). But, that isn’t where the incredible features stop. Thanks to the A13 Bionic chip, this phone works faster than any of its predecessors and 20% faster than a CPU. The A13 Bionic also utilises power efficiency. It’s not just about the power of the battery itself, but how that power is used to give you a longer life, even if you’re gaming or streaming video. 

Honorable Mention: iPhone 11

If you’re looking to spend a bit less but you still want to invest in a long battery life, the  iPhone 11 is a great option. It can provide up to 11 hours and 16 minutes of life on one charge, which is about 45 minutes less than the iPhone 11 Pro Max. 

When the iPhone 11 was first introduced, it promoted all-day battery life, which still rings true thanks to the hardware and software working together to give you the best experience. It also supports super-fast charging. So, even if your battery does run low throughout the day, you can get back up 100% quickly and keep going!

Why is Battery Life So Important?

What’s more important: performance or battery life? Initially, you might say performance. The reality is, most of us ask a lot from our phones on a daily basis. Whether you use them mostly for social media, to text friends, or even for work, you’re probably demanding more from your smartphone than you realise. 

If it doesn’t perform the right way, you have every right to get frustrated. So, of course performance is more important, right? 

Not necessarily. 

Without a long-lasting battery life, performance matters much less. After all, you can’t ask for a lot from your phone if it won’t give you a long-lasting charge. You won’t be able to continue using it throughout the day if you have to find a place to plug it in. So, while performance is important, consider the battery life when choosing a phone that is the right fit for you.

How To Know You’re Getting the Right Phone From OzMobiles

At OzMobiles, we specialise in New, Ex-demo, and refurbished phones that have gone through our standard 72-point Functional Check and Clean. We also offer a Battery Health Guarantee. 

What does this mean? 

We understand that when you’re looking at refurbished or Ex-demo phones, you might be worried about the battery health. Our 72-point check process ensures that the batteries of every phone we sell are still at the peak of their performance with at least 85% health. Anything that has less than 80% health will be replaced with a genuine battery before we sell it on OzMobiles. 

So you can be confident when you’re choosing any of these phones with a long battery life that you’re getting what you expect. Plus, when you go with OzMobiles for your phone purchase, you’re also getting it at a discounted price. 

All of our devices also come with a 12-month warranty. So, if within your first year of owning the phone you start to notice major issues with the battery, we can help. We never want you to have to go without your phone, no matter what you use it for! 

When you shop with  OzMobiles, you’re supporting a local business right here in Melbourne that sells 100% Australian stock. Also, all of our phones are factory unlocked too, so you can use it immediately with your telco of choice. Feel free to  browse our online store or  contact us for more information!

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