Where Can I Buy Phone Covers For A Refurbished Samsung Galaxy Device?

Want to protect your Samsung Galaxy phone with the technology professional athletes use? How about strapping it to your arm while you go for a run or shielding it from the elements while you’re on a hike? You don’t have to be outdoorsy or athletic to benefit from buying phone covers for Samsung Galaxy phones, but it definitely helps to have some serious protection.

There are a lot of benefits to buying smartphone cases. They protect your Samsung Galaxy phone from dirt and dust, very high temperatures and even falls. They offer a higher degree of protection, help to extend the lifespan of the phone and can even improve your smartphone’s aesthetic appeal. A colourful smartphone cover can give your phone a new level of vibrancy that catches people’s eyes and makes it harder to lose.

However, phone covers are not one-size-fits-all. Most will only fit one kind of smartphone, and there are factors to consider besides size, including levels of protection, quality, functionality, look and price.

Picking the ideal case for your smartphone isn’t easy, but OzMobiles makes the process simpler with our range of affordable and excellent phone covers for Samsung Galaxy. This article explores the benefits of protecting your Samsung Galaxy with a case, the levels of protection available and how OzMobiles can send high-quality Samsung cases Australia-wide.

Different Types Of Samsung Galaxy Cases at OzMobiles 

Samsung is the highest-selling Android brand in the world and one of the top five smartphone brands in general. Samsung smartphones are well-known for their high security, superb cameras, multitasking capabilities and hardware that continues to break new ground.  

Phone covers for Samsung Galaxy smartphones come in different varieties to reflect the diversity among Samsung smartphones. Some popular models of Samsung cases in Australia that OzMobiles has in stock for you include:

BodyGuardz TrainrPro Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Black/Grey Case - $10 (save $70)

Do you have an active lifestyle? Are you looking for a light but sturdy case that will protect your smartphone while you’re getting fit? The BodyGuardz TrainrPro for Samsung Galaxy S9 is on sale for a fraction of its normal cost. You can pick it up for $10, marked down from $80. Made from lightweight sport-grip material, it has a durable clear back and battle-ready composite padding from Unequal Technologies.

Lander Moab Case Samsung Galaxy S10+ Black - $14 (save $36)

The Moab case protects your Samsung Galaxy s10+ in all kinds of weather conditions while also rocking a sleek, slim fit. Perfect for hikers and other adventurers, it’s available at a discount of more than half-price.

BodyGuardz Ace Pro Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Clear Case - $10 (save $20)

If you want to keep it simple, this clear case is sturdy, affordable and currently available for a third of its regular price! Made from clear or highly transparent TPU, it’s built from the same Unequal Technologies material that athletes use on the field for impact protection. It also has a bezel that extends beyond the screen for additional protection to the front of your Galaxy Note 10.  

BodyGuardz TrainrPro Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Grey/Mint Case - $20 (save $60)

On sale for only a quarter of its regular price, the TrainrPro is perfect for any situation, from a strenuous workout or run to protection for your Samsung Galaxy S9 as you go about your day-to-day tasks. It comes with a one-of-a-kind removable armband, Unequal’s patented battle-ready composite padding and a durable clear back.

These are just a few examples of the many phone covers for Samsung Galaxy smartphones we have on sale. Take a look at our full selection, and you’re guaranteed to find one that’s right for your smartphone.

Levels of Protection For Your Samsung Galaxy

A Samsung smartphone on cement facing up with a smashed screen.

There’s an art to choosing the right smartphone case. While the look and feel of it are important considerations, it’s important to consider the level of protection it offers. Some common terms you may come across when searching for the right Samsung cases in Australia include:

Waterproof: How much protection does the phone offer against being splashed by or dropped in water?

Shock absorption: How strong a blow can the phone case withstand?

Drop-proof: Smartphone dropping is a common accident. Is the case you’re looking at strong enough to protect your phone from a significant fall?

Dust-proof: Will your new case stop dust from entering your smartphone’s ports?

Large, tougher cases tend to offer higher levels of protection and also tend to be more expensive. When you buy through OzMobiles, we offer excellent quality and excellent protection for far lower prices than you’d expect to pay for new.

Benefits of Using a Phone Cover 

The advantages of investing in a phone cover for your Samsung Galaxy smartphone include:

Better protection

This one almost goes without saying. A smartphone without a cover or case is a lot more exposed and vulnerable – to blows, falls and the elements – than a smartphone with a strong layer of protection.

Better resale value

Protecting your smartphone with a case proves to be a beneficial choice when you decide to sell your phone in exchange for a new one. Fetch a higher resale price and keep more money in your pocket so you can get a better-quality phone when you upgrade.

Better look and feel

Phone cases and covers don’t have to spoil the aesthetic appeal of a Samsung smartphone. The sheer number of chic, elegant and well-designed covers available on the market and made from top-quality materials mean you can enhance the look of your phone while keeping it protected.


Phone covers are relatively inexpensive ways of protecting your phone and certainly cheaper than buying a new one.   

Buy Samsung Galaxy Phone Covers at OzMobiles 

An army green Samsung smartphone face down on a wooden table

If you’ve been looking for decent, affordable phone covers for Samsung Galaxy smartphones, you’ve come to the right website. OzMobiles offers a wide selection of Samsung cases in Australia, plus Samsung Galaxy screen guards on sale as well.

If you’re looking for a new Samsung Galaxy smartphone, we have something to please all Samsung fans or even potential Samsung fans with our massive savings on Samsung Galaxy phones for sale.

An Australian-owned and operated company, OzMobiles tests all of our devices at our Melbourne headquarters with a 72-point checking process to make sure they meet the high standards that Australian consumers expect. This includes battery life, which we make sure is at least at 80% capacity. All of our devices are fully functional and sold with 12 months of warranty and 30-day money-back guarantees. They’re environmentally-friendly too, and our commitment to sustainability extends to our 100% recyclable packaging.

We provide smartphones for everyone’s tastes as well as a range of accessories like Samsung cases in Australia and ship them out to you free and fast. If you order with Express Post before 12.30 pm on a weekday, we’ll have your new device mailed on the same day.

We don’t want a tight budget to hold you back from getting the phone you want, so we offer the option to pay in instalments through ZipPay, AfterPay and PayPal Pay in four instalments. If you’ve found a better deal on the same smartphone elsewhere, we’ll beat that price by $10 (although terms and conditions apply).

For more information about our phone covers for Samsung Galaxy smartphones or if you have any questions for our team, contact OzMobiles.

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