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In the current, fast-paced digital age, it’s a rarity, but sometimes old trends do come back mainstream and better than ever. This is especially true for flip phones, which have received a new modern twist, through Samsung’s Galaxy Z series.

Samsung made the impossible a reality through their Galaxy Z Flip and Fold devices—pulling the best design choices from flip phones decades ago, to the modern era. Flip phones are now seeing a resurgence due to the revitalisation of adding smartphone technology. 

These new, smart flip phones, aren’t only nostalgic, but intertwine important history with modern technology. Following Samsung’s first foray into modern flip phones, other companies are now doing the same, like Google and Motorola.

Nokia is even re-releasing their old flip phones with updated designs to jump on board with the resurgence. From the satisfying flip action to the space-saving design, it is easy to see why flip phones are regaining popularity and becoming mainstream again.

What Flip Phones Are On The Market Currently 

So, if you’re wondering are flip phones still available—the answer is yes, and more options are becoming available yearly. Listed are the most popular flip phones on the market, including smart flip phone models.

Galaxy Z Flip Range

If you’re looking for a smart flip phone, you can’t go wrong with Samsung’s flagship Galaxy Z Flip range. These devices were the pioneers when it comes to smart flip phones, and they remain one of the best options for the market. 

Especially in the later-model Galaxy Z Flip phones, they feature a sleek and minimalist design with no ‘gap’ which is common in smart flip devices. They also offer outstanding camera performance, and Samsung is known for supporting their devices long-term for software updates. 

Motorola Razr Devices

Motorola was one of the giants when it came to flip phones back in the 2000s with their Razr line of devices. Now, they’ve revived the line as a smart flip phone, while still retaining everything people loved about the original devices.

The Razr smart flip phones are a great option if you’re looking for affordability without sacrificing performance. It’s a great entry-level option for the smart flip phone market.

Oppo Find N3 Flip

Oppo’s newest entry at the time of writing into their smart flip phone series is the Find N3 Flip. It boasts incredible specifications and one of the best cameras available on the flip phone market. 

The Find N3 Flip also has a gorgeous 6.8-inch screen, with a 120Hz refresh rate. It also boasts a ‘Flexion Hinge’, with aircraft-grade steel, allowing for over 1 million folds.

Huawei P50

If you’re looking for a premium smart flip phone, Huawei’s P50 line is perfect. It offers amazing battery capacity, massive internal storage, huge RAM capabilities, and a strong system chip.

It has a 4000 mAh battery capacity, supporting fast charging and a max charge speed of 40W—one of the best on the market. Backed by 12GB RAM and the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, it can run intensive games and apps with no issues.

Nokia Flip

Nokia has gone all-in on the nostalgia with their Nokia Flip devices. They’ve updated their old-school, 2000s phones, with a sleek modern design and 4G connectivity. It’s a great option if you want a flip phone without smart capabilities.

There are various models in Nokia’s Flip range—and they’re all perfect if you want simplicity and reliability. They boast over 28 days of standby time from a single charge, with big buttons and text for accessibility. 

Why Are Flip Phones Becoming Popular Again?

A hand holding a Samsung Galaxy Z flip phone displaying the lock screen with the time reading 10:15 and the date Sat, 22 February. There are red lights in a line out of focus in the background.

There’s a myriad of reasons why flip phones are becoming popular again. Analysts report that it’s a mix of convenience, the power of nostalgia, and functionality depending on if you’re looking at old-style flip phones or smart renditions.

For old-style flip phones, they’re gaining more traction due to the power of nostalgia in marketing. It evokes a strong sense of a previous era in mobile communication. They’re also extremely affordable, especially if you need a device for just texts and calls.

Old-school flip phones also last longer when it comes to battery life, and becoming an integral part of the ‘digital detox’ movement. It’s a great way to cut down screen time, as you can’t use or install apps like TikTok or intensive games.

They’re also gaining popularity for people who are concerned with their privacy and security. Smartphones have a long list of advanced features, like cameras, GPS, and applications that track your data, while old-school flip phones don’t.

Smart flip phones are gaining popularity because they mix retro design with smartphone capabilities. On top of that, the design is also more convenient—as you can fold it up, resulting in it taking up half the space of a normal smartphone.

This compact design makes it perfect for on-the-go lifestyles, without compromising screen size or functionality. Smart flip phones also offer better multitasking capabilities, like multiple applications at once, or potentially larger screens for gaming/reading. 

What Does The Future of Flip Phones Look Like?

The future of flip phones is looking positive. As technological advancements are being made with screen technology and making devices more compact, flip phones are becoming more mainstream.
For example, early adopters of smart flip phones were concerned with the flexible smartphone screens not being able to withstand constant flipping. Every iteration of smart flip phones has become increasingly more durable.

Other components of smart flip phone hardware are going through massive improvements, too. Like the hinges, and the devices themselves, becoming easier and cheaper to produce as they become more widely adopted.

More companies are also coming on board with their own smart flip phones, so it isn’t just Samsung in the market. This competition is healthy, pushing for new innovations with design and specifications.

If you’re wondering if Apple is making a flip phone, a few rumours are circulating. News outlet CNET has covered the possibility of an Apple Foldable device, with patents suggesting the company is working on it—but it may still be a few years before we see one.

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