A black Samsung Note 20 face down next to wireless headphones.

The world’s most popular Android brand, Samsung, is still capable of surprises. In 2019, the company released two Note series phones at the same time for the first year ever. In 2020, the Samsung Galaxy Note20 arrived on the scene, taking the place of the short-lived Note Plus line. With ultra-fast 5G connectivity, wireless DeX and the fastest Samsung processor to date, the Galaxy Note20 was a phone for the future. It also had one of the classic features of Samsung’s Note range: the S Pen Stylus, which provides a convenient pen-and-paper experience.

Like most new Samsung phones, it also had a high retail price upon release, although it was still more affordable than the slightly enhanced Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

Thanks to the process of phone refurbishing, you can get your hands on this now-discontinued, classic-style phablet for a fraction of the cost it was when it was new. A refurbished Galaxy Note20 maintains the quality that has seen Samsung take such a large slice of the market share and offers a lower cost and a warranty to go with it.

Of course, when it comes to smartphones and phablets, everybody has different preferences. Does the Galaxy Note20 have an e-sim? Are refurbished Galaxy Note20 waterproof? The answers to these questions may help determine whether or not a refurbished Galaxy Note20 is the right kind of smartphone for you.

There are lots of refurbished Android phones on the market, so why should you choose the Galaxy Note20? Let’s explore some of the best features of this timeless phablet and why a refurbished Galaxy Note20 may just be the perfect Android phone for you.


Does The Galaxy Note20 Model Support an E-sim? 

Do you do a lot of overseas travelling? Do you have separate numbers for business and personal use? There are many reasons why you might embrace the benefits of E-sim functionality on your phone. So, does the Galaxy Note20 have E-sim capability?

An E-sim is an embedded SIM that replaces the need for a physical SIM card and its slot. A lot of people use an E-sim as an easy way to store a second phone number or even to have multiple plans running on the same device. But it has other benefits: it offers streamlined connectivity, allows devices to be smaller and lets you change providers with ease.

Does the Galaxy Note20 have E-sim functionality? Fortunately, yes. The Samsung Galaxy Note20 is one of the smartphone models that support E-sim capability.

So, the Galaxy Note20 does have an E-sim, but what are its other benefits? Are refurbished Galaxy Note20 waterproof? What makes the Note20 stand out among the sea of other Samsungs? Next, we’ll cover in detail the many benefits of a refurbished Galaxy Note20 aside from the question, ‘Does the Galaxy Note20 have an e-sim?’.


Why Get a Refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note20?

A Samsung Note 20 Ultra face down on a cement surface next to its packaging box.

When you can buy any smartphone, old or new, from any brand on the market, why should you pick a refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note20? Are refurbished Galaxy Note20 waterproof, and what about the device’s camera, its battery life, and its security? Here are some of the top reasons why the device is a great buy and some of the reasons it’s an even better deal refurbished:


Why you should buy a Samsung Galaxy Note20: 

Here are some of the major reasons why the Samsung Galaxy Note20 is a winner:

The Stylus Pen

The famous Samsung S-Pen lets you capture your thoughts the second they strike and jot them down the quick, easy and old-fashioned way. Whether it’s quickly scrawling a few items on your shopping list or making sure a flash of inspiration in a work meeting doesn’t escape you, the S Pen is a top tool for organising, navigating your phone or expressing yourself through art.

Incredibly fast 5G connectivity

The Note 20 Ultra’s super-fast 5G speed lets you connect to the rest of the world and stay productive with ease. Share or download large files in a flash, stream media with next to no lag time, and connect as smoothly to a video call from the road as you could from your own house.

IP68 water resistance

Are refurbished Galaxy Note20 waterproof? While no smartphone is completely waterproof, the Galaxy Note20 has a water resistance rating of IP68. This means it can survive being submerged in fresh water at a depth of 1.5 metres for up to 30 minutes.

All-day battery

The Samsung Galaxy Note20 not only has enough battery power to carry you through a long day of tasks, but it also comes with Superfast Charging to boost a flagging battery backup in a matter of minutes. OzMobiles tests all of our devices to make sure they still retain at least 80% of their full battery health, so even when you buy second-hand, you’ll have a battery that has a lot more life in it still.

High-grade camera

The pro-quality camera on the Galaxy Note20 delivers noticeably excellent results. Pictures look sharp and clear, and a 64MP telephoto lens supports up to 3x hybrid optical zoom. You can also shoot an 8K video.

Wireless Samsung DeX

Samsung DeX allows you to connect your Samsung smartphone to a desktop display with a HDMI cable. The Note20 is the first model to provide a wireless Samsung DeX, making it easy to share content from your phone whether you’re delivering a presentation or showing summer holiday videos.

Defence-level security

Samsung Knox is a security platform that both big businesses and government agencies trust to protect sensitive data. It’s always on, and it keeps your personal info safe from even the savviest hackers.  


Why you should buy a refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note20: 

Some of the biggest benefits of a refurbished device are:

It’s more affordable

The main drawcard for people buying refurbished phones is that they’re a lot less expensive than the models you’ll find in stores. You can end up with a device that’s just as good as anything you’ll find in the shops but keep hundreds of extra dollars in your bank account.

You still get a warranty

When you buy a second-hand smartphone from a stranger in a private sale, you take your chances. But, a refurbished phone at OzMobiles comes with a warranty to cover you if you don’t get what you paid for or if anything goes wrong.

It’s better for the environment

Discarded mobile phones are one of the biggest contributing factors to e-waste, the world’s fastest-growing form of municipal waste. Buying a refurbished smartphone cuts down on the amount of trash that ends up in landfills and helps keep toxic chemicals out of the ground.


Where to Buy Refurbished Galaxy Note20

A Samsung Note 20 face down on a desk next to other android device accessories, including wireless headphones and a smartwatch.

If you want to make sure your new refurbished phone comes with a terrific level of quality and a warranty, your best option is to buy a refurbished Galaxy Note20 from OzMobiles!  

With OzMobiles’ major savings on Samsung Galaxy smartphones, you can pick up a new refurbished phone for hundreds of dollars less than you’d find in the store – sometimes even a grand or more.

Just bought a device, and you’re trying to decide on the most reliable network for it? You can take your pick from one of our Super Saver plans exclusively for OzMobiles customers, powered by the 4G Plus Optus Network.

OzMobiles is an Australian-owned business that offers 12-month warranties and 30-day money-back guarantees with all devices. Get in touch with the OzMobiles team for more information about the refurbished Galaxy Note20 – or any other Samsung smartphone that takes your fancy.  

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