Refurbished iPhone Comparison: Best Camera Quality

Camera quality is one of the highest priorities for most consumers when buying a new phone. It’s also one of the biggest reasons for Apple’s popularity. When it comes to the standard of images produced, Apple’s iPhones are outstanding, and each new release raises the bar even higher. An iPhone captures the moment in a vivid and precise way that’s perfect for social media sharing or storing your memories privately. Its picture quality is sharp and accurate; its screen is bright and clear. The results are so detailed and real that you’ll feel like you’re back in the time and place where you took each snapshot.

Buying a refurbished iPhone offers you a broader range of choices at a much more affordable price. Unlike most used phones, refurbished iPhones also come with warranties and buying one reduces the amount of e-waste that finishes up in landfills. Yet one important consideration for any shopper looking at buying one is ‘which refurbished iPhone has the best camera?’

OzMobiles is a refurbished phone retailer with a vast selection of both more recent and older iPhones to choose from. In this article, we present you with a refurbished iPhone comparison to help you find the refurbished iPhone with the best camera to suit you.  

The iPhones With the Best Camera Quality 

Apple continually improves the iPhone’s camera quality with each new release, so it should come as no surprise that the most recent models have the most capable cameras and photography features. But even older iPhone models let you take decent-quality photos, which is good news if you don’t have much money to spend.

If finding a second-hand iPhone with high camera quality is important to you, here are some of the refurbished iPhones with the best cameras.

This refurbished iPhone comparison is just the starting point of what’s out there, but it should provide you with some helpful suggestions as far as camera quality goes. Let’s take a look at the contenders:

iPhone 15 Pro Max

A smartphone that has won positive reviews and been described as “a giant step forward,” the iPhone 15 Pro Max really does set new standards when it comes to photography. The jewel in its crown is its ‘Periscope camera’, which takes the iPhone’s zoom capabilities to the next level.  Known as the ‘Periscope’ because of the arrangement of lenses and mirrors between its modules–this camera doesn’t miss the finer details. It offers enhanced image stabilisation and allows you to zoom in on the subject of a shot closer than ever before without losing focus. A refurbished iPhone 15 Pro Max offers the best camera you can possibly find for second-hand prices. Bad lighting, shaky hands and high levels of zoom are no match for what this technology can achieve.

iPhone 15 Pro

While it may have been outshone by its larger counterpart, the iPhone 15 Pro has exactly the same camera features as the Pro Max, minus the Periscope camera. The iPhone 15 Pro’s camera charms include the power to shoot at three different focal lengths and capture 48MP photos in HEIF or ProRaw formats. It also holds onto its predecessor’s 2x zoom mode.

iPhone 15

The base flagship iPhone of 2023, the iPhone 15, features the same 48MP main camera sensor as the Pro models, plus the power to snap 2x optical zoom photos without a telephoto lens. It also has a 12MP ultra-wide camera and a TrueDepth selfie camera great for both panoramic street views and stately self-portraits.

A close up of two phone cameras

iPhone 14 Pro Max

Apple’s 2022 iPhone Pro Max is still a winner in terms of second-hand iPhone camera quality, especially as far as video goes. The 48MP main camera and 12MP telephoto lens let you approach your photography in a versatile way while adding colour balance and definition to the mix.

iPhone 14 Pro

One of the best phones available to buy as a refurbished model, the iPhone 14 Pro deserves a look-in while you’re conducting your own refurbished iPhone comparison.  Its 48MP quad-pixel main sensor can take a 12MP image and adapt it to your lighting conditions with four times the detail.

iPhone 13 Pro Max

Released in 2021, the iPhone 13 Pro Max was released with a sensor that was the largest available in an iPhone at the time. With fast shutter speeds and a satisfying Night Mode option, the iPhone 13 Pro takes bright and clear photos even when capturing action and motion

What Makes iPhone Cameras Good?

Smartphone manufacturers are well aware of the importance of a decent camera. As smartphones became essential tools for day-to-day life, they became most people’s cameras of choice because they were always close by. Smartphone photography removed the need to carry around a separate digital camera and plug it into your computer to store your photos. The widespread nature of camera photography meant that smartphone manufacturers had to focus on making it decent. Apple is one of the brands that has always risen to the challenge.

Have you ever wondered how Apple makes their iPhone cameras so excellent? Here are some reasons a refurbished iPhone will offer one of the best cameras for the money:

Cutting-edge hardware

Apple equips its smartphones with first-rate lenses and high-resolution sensors, plus features like advanced digital zooms. As a result, iPhones take sharp photos with accurate colours and details.

High resolution

iPhone cameras commonly come with 48MP camera resolution and high-definition video recording up to 8K. The higher the resolution you have, the more detail you can capture in your photos, and the further you can crop or zoom in without revealing the pixel structure.

Cutting-edge processors

Today’s flagship smartphones need a lot of processing power to support their camera quality. iPhones generally come with advanced processors like the A16 Bionic Processor, which improve their computation photography, AI features, image capture and image stabilisation.

A world of apps

Apple’s iOS ecosystem has a massive selection of photography and photographic editing apps that help you get the most out of the shots you take. ProCamera is a photo/video/editing app that lets you adjust your focus, ISO, shutter speed and more before enhancing your photos with unique filters and tools. There are plenty of other photography apps, like SnapSeed, Lightroom and VSCO, that can help you get the most out of your photos as well.

So where do you find the refurbished iPhones with the best cameras?

Buy Refurbished iPhones at OzMobiles

A hand holding a blue iPhone with back and camera facing upwards.

If you’re looking for a refurbished iPhone with the best camera you can find, you’ve come to the right place. OzMobiles has refurbished iPhones with second-hand iPhone camera quality that can easily match store-bought models. Even better, we have a range of iPhones, both old and recent models, available, including the iPhone 15 series.

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