Do I Still Need A Screen Protector For A Refurbished Phone?

A screen protector is an easy and affordable way to safeguard your screen from scratches, scuffs and cracks. But now that just about every new smartphone comes with a screen made from scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass or an equally powerful material, do you still need to buy one? What about when it comes to protecting a second-hand smartphone? On a used model, does screen protection still matter?

Refurbished phones are second-hand iPhones and Androids that a professional has restored to a fully functional level. This process includes replacing parts like the screen (and other important components) if necessary.  

A refurbished smartphone offers unique benefits: huge savings, warranties included and the added bonus of reducing the amount of waste in the world. Refurbished smartphones provide higher levels of quality without you having to buy a brand new device.

Some refurbished phones are identical to new models, such as “ex-demo” phones that have only been taken out of their boxes for shoppers to try out in retail stores. Even the oldest and most worn-out refurbished phones are still in relatively good condition, minus a few scuffs and dents. So do you need a screen protector for a refurbished phone? Can you trust in the strength of the screen like you can with many new flagship models, or are refurbished phones so affordable it doesn’t matter?

New or refurbished, the right accessories can improve your enjoyment of any smartphone. In this article, OzMobiles explores the benefits of screen protectors on smartphones and why you still need a screen protector for your refurbished phone. 

Why Refurbished Phones Still Need Screen Protectors 

There are several reasons why you may want to consider a screen protector for your refurbished phone. Protecting a second-hand smartphone is worth just as much attention as guarding your new device from damage. If you plan to use your smartphone in places where it’s vulnerable to damage, such as rough environments or the outdoors, a screen protector can provide you with an extra layer of safety that makes a world of difference.

Here’s why you should consider a screen protector for your refurbished phone, even if you tend to be as gentle with your devices as possible:

A refurbished smartphone’s screen is worth protecting

A good refurbished retailer will make sure every part of a second-hand smartphone is fully functional before you buy it. This includes replacing the screen if necessary. No refurbished retailer worth their salt will sell a smartphone with a screen that’s cracked, broken or too murky to see properly. An intact screen is worth protecting, whether your phone is refurbished or not.

A screen protector provides fingerprint and dust protection

Fingerprint smudges and dust can leave markings on the screen, no matter how well-maintained that screen is. A decent screen protector allows you to see what you’re doing with clarity.

A screen protector increases your privacy

From passwords to Internet banking details to personal messages, we type a lot of sensitive information into our smartphones. You can buy screen protectors that are specifically designed for privacy, but even a regular screen protector limits the angle your phone can be viewed. A good screen protector means you can see what’s on the screen when you look at it directly, but for someone looking over your shoulder, the view is obscured.

A screen protector helps guarantee resale value

If you want to sell or trade-in your smartphone in the future, a good screen protector helps you keep your smartphone screen in perfect shape and allows you to snag a higher price.

A screen protector is affordable

Screen protectors commonly cost less than $20. This is a bargain when it comes to protecting a smartphone that costs a lot more and helping it to last for many years. 

Benefits of Screen Protectors on Smartphones

A hand placing a screen protector over a phone screen

Here are some reasons it’s worth getting a screen protector for either a refurbished phone or a brand-new device:

It provides protection from drops, scratches and other accidents

There are many ways to damage a smartphone, from leaving it in a precarious place to having the keys in your pocket scratch the screen. Even though glass is getting tougher, it’s still an excellent idea to invest in some serious smartphone protection.

Reduced risk of eyestrain

Screen protectors prevent you from having to strain your vision, with matte finishes that are easy on the eye. Their anti-reflective properties result in less glare and reflected light, but it’s still important to take regular breaks from screen time.

Less dirt and germs

Over time, dirt accumulates on your smartphone screen, leading to bacteria. Smartphone protectors often have features like dust-repellent coating and antimicrobial features to help keep grime at bay and your phone in the cleanest of conditions.

A bonus mirror

It’s not the main reason to buy a screen protector for your refurbished phone, but it is a nifty bonus. When you switch off your phone, your screen protector turns the screen into a makeshift mirror. Handy for fixing your make-up on the way to an event! 

Other Tips for Increasing the Lifespan of Your Smartphones


A screen protector is just one method of protecting your new or second-hand smartphone to make it last longer. Here are some other tried and tested methods for a longer smartphone lifespan:

Buy a strong case

A good smartphone protector will save your screen when you need it, but the rest of the phone is important too. A sturdy smartphone case offers protection in a number of ways: by keeping contaminants off your phone, by giving it a protective cover in the event of a fall and by making it easier to grip, among others.

Maintain strong virus protection

Keeping malware, viruses and hackers at bay will help you protect your smartphone. Ways of doing this include downloading regular security updates, installing antivirus apps and avoiding suspicious apps and downloads when you can.

Power down from time to time

It’s very common to leave your smartphone on 24/7, but powering down your device at least once a day is good for it. It deletes cached data, reduces your chance of getting hacked, clears RAM, prevents overheating and can help resolve issues with your network too.

Don’t exercise with your phone in your pocket

While most decent phones these days come with high water resistance, there have been reports of iPhones suffering water damage from sweat. For the best possible outcome, don’t work out with your phone in your pocket or secured to your body.

Don’t overstress your battery

Letting your battery power drop below zero or regularly charging your battery to 100% stresses your battery and reduces its lifespan. Instead, keep your smartphone battery between 40% and 80% and don’t let it drop any lower than 20%. 

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