Top 5 Cheap Refurbished Tablets for Students

Studying is a fulfilling activity, but it comes with its share of stresses, like cramming for exams, meeting assignment deadlines, and budgeting with very little income.  In Australia, a lot of us spend many years of our lives seeking new qualifications and opportunities. Nearly half of all young people under 25 are enrolled in a bachelor’s degree, and from there, the possibilities go on, including post-graduate studies, Master's degrees, and PhDs. It helps to have teachers, textbooks and tools (including digital ones) that you can count on.

Whether you have a child in primary school or you’re working your way through high school or university, there’s no doubt you’ve noticed the role that technology plays in modern education. Programs like Google Classroom make it easier for teachers and students to share files and tablets, and iPads are a common sight in many classrooms. Tablets have benefits for kids and their families because they’re easy to use, easy to communicate with and handy for running quizzes. With tablet learning, kids can learn from their mistakes a lot faster.

Tablets also have many uses for students in high school, university or TAFE. They’re great for taking notes, using the Internet for research and replaying lectures, among other things. All while being cheaper to buy than laptops, which is always a plus for students!

These days, people of all ages and backgrounds study, changing careers and pursuing higher qualification levels. Whatever kind of course you’re embarking on, a good tablet is a powerful tool to have. But what kind of tablet should you choose?

Refurbished tablets are second-hand tablets that have been checked by a professional, repaired if necessary, and prepared for resale. Unlike most second-hand electronic devices, they come with warranties, so you don’t lose your money if something goes wrong. Refurbished devices are better for the environment and help to combat the growing problem of e-waste (electronic waste).

There are plenty of cheap refurbished tablets out there. But which ones are best for students? Should you invest in a refurbished Apple tablet or see what Samsung has to offer?

This article explores just a few of OzMobiles' top recommendations for cheap refurbished tablets for students. With something in stock for everyone’s tastes, we’re sure to have a tablet that passes your test.


Key Features for Students to Look for in a Tablet


A tablet has many uses for students. You can use it to research, write an essay or access a range of learning materials. Maybe you’re looking for a tablet to take to lectures. Maybe you have young kids in school, and you’re chasing a tablet that’s easy for them to use. When you’re on the search for cheap refurbished tablets, there are some benefits to look out for:


Study materials like academic books can be expensive, and students don’t tend to have a lot of spending money. If you have young children, you’re likely to be feeling the pinch of high living costs as well. Affordability is important. You don’t want to pay for any features you won’t need. At the same time, you do want to make sure you get the best cheap refurbished tablet you can.  

Weight and size

Tablets that are smaller and lighter are much easier to carry around from lecture to lecture during a busy day.


You’ll spend a lot of time looking at your laptop screen. A bigger, sharper, clearer one makes for a much better studying experience.

A person leaning over a tablet using the pen accessory to do design work.


What programs will you need for your studies? Which apps will you have to download? Considering the software you will require in advance will help you to make choices between brands, such as a refurbished Apple tablet or Samsung.

Battery life

As a student, the last thing you want is to run out of battery power on campus and have to race around to find a spot to recharge. When shopping for cheap refurbished tablets, it’s best to find those that at least offer an all-day battery life.


Ease in connecting to the Internet is an important consideration when weighing up a refurbished tablet’s uses for students. 5G Internet can improve your device’s mobility and flexibility when accessing resources, as well as make using wireless headphones with Bluetooth more comfortable.


Top 5 Cheap Refurbished Tablets


What are the best cheap refurbished tablets out there? Should you choose a refurbished Apple tablet or an Android brand? Here are five of the best, as recommended by OzMobiles. These aren’t the only good refurbished tablets out there, but there are five you can count on to enhance your studying experience.

Apple iPad 2021

The 2021 Apple iPad is cheaper than more recent versions of the iPad but offers many of the same features, which makes it an excellent choice for students. Pioneered by the A13 Bionic chip, this speedy tablet has a bright and clear screen, a long battery life, plus a headphone jack and lightning port. This tablet’s uses for students are numerous, and so are its benefits.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7

With its long battery life and 10.4-inch screen, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 is a top-notch Android tablet for students. It’s protected by facial recognition technology to make it more secure.  With a 13+ hour battery life, it’s the perfect device to attach a little keyboard to if you need it to last through long study sessions or hours of group work.

Apple iPad Air

Light, fast and powerful, the Apple iPad Air is a reliable tablet that’s also easy to carry around. Its design is thin and graceful, its M1-powered performance is super-quick, and its display is vibrant and crystal-clear.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra gives you a lot of power for an affordable price and a 14.6-inch screen too. The screen makes it a strong choice for streaming media and editing photos. Plus, the generous storage means you can save large-size files, too. This tablet also includes an S Pen stylus, which is perfect if you love taking notes by hand in lectures or classes.

Amazon Fire HD 10

Released in 2020, the Amazon Fire HD 10 is one of the most affordable tablets you’re likely to come across. With its durable build, it functions well as a Kindle device for reading, and its ultra-low prices make it a strong choice for students on tight budgets.


Buy Refurbished Tablets for Students at OzMobiles

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We have a wide range of tablets and iPads, including refurbished Apple tablets with 12-month warranties and 30-day money-back guarantees. Our tablets are good for your bank balance, good for the environment and good for students too!


We test all of our devices at our Melbourne headquarters using our 72-point checking process to make sure they meet high Australian standards, including a battery life of at least 80%. This means you don’t have to worry about your battery dying when you’re trying to get through a full day on campus.


Our cheap refurbished tablets are sold at student-friendly prices too! If you’ve found a better deal elsewhere, we’ll beat that price by $10 (terms and conditions apply). And if you can’t afford to pay for the whole tablet in one go, we offer payment plans through third-party providers like ZipPay, AfterPay and PayPal Pay in 4.


For more information about our cheap refurbished tablets and for answers to any questions, contact the OzMobiles team

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