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These days, people sometimes have to use smartphones for a variety of reasons, even if the technology is new to them: scanning QR codes for restaurant menus, paying for parking, using Internet banking or e-wallets, and receiving medication alerts. Smartphones have a lot of benefits for seniors aged 65 and over. They can help them stay connected to friends and family, find their way around unfamiliar parts of town and easily get help in case of an emergency. Are you looking for an easy-to-use mobile phone for an older relative? Maybe you’re an older person looking for a mobile phone that’s easy to use. There’s no shortage of options out there. But with almost unlimited choices in the mobile phone market, how do you find the right one?

Most of us are on a tight budget these days, so it helps to buy refurbished phones online and save a bit of cash. Refurbished phones are second-hand smartphones, but there’s more to them than that. While they’ve certainly had previous owners and are often so cheap you can afford one on a pension, they’re also an excellent way to ensure you still take home a phone with a level of quality you’re satisfied with. A refurbished phone is a phone that a retailer like OzMobiles has thoroughly checked and tested, repaired if necessary and sold with a warranty. Refurbished phones are sold in grades ranging from those in a new-like condition to those that are a little more worn out. Many of them, however, are pretty close to as good as new, apart from a few superficial chips or cracks.

If you need some suggestions for an easy-to-use mobile phone for seniors and how to find them? Here are some features to look out for and 10 of the best mobile phones for seniors that are currently available.  


Key Features To Look Out For

When you’re looking for an outstanding easy-to-use mobile phone for an older family member or even for yourself, here are some factors to seek out. Buy refurbished phones online, and you can find some with these qualities at far cheaper prices than the cost of new ones.

Large screen

Most people’s eyesight begins to decline as they age, which makes a phone with a brightly coloured and generously-sized screen especially come in handy. Read text messages accurately, open apps, and make use of your smartphone’s functions without needing to squint or reach for your glasses.

Long battery life

Everybody wants a phone with a long battery life. Nobody wants to be constantly looking for a power point to recharge their phone. Long-battery phones are much more convenient, making them a better choice not only for seniors but for everyone who uses a smartphone.

Clear sound

Most people’s hearing also undergoes a sharp reduction with age, making a smartphone with crisp, clear sound a much better choice for older people.

Large buttons

Bigger buttons make it easier to dial emergency services when necessary and to see who you’re dialling in general.

Easy to use

If your understanding of technology is fairly basic, a simplified interface without a lot of bells and whistles is best. Both Apple and Samsung, the two biggest smartphone brands in the world, are well-known for making phones that are streamlined and intuitive in design.

So where can you find mobile phones both easy to use and affordable? And which model should you choose?

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Top 10 Easy-to-Use Mobile Phones

 It’s by no means a complete list, but here’s a small selection of some easy-to-use mobile phones for seniors.

iPhone SE

The iPhone SE is not only an easy-to-use mobile phone, but it’s also easy to use with one hand. A phone that offered excellent value for money from the beginning, it’s even more affordable when you buy refurbished phones online. Featuring a fast A13 Bionic chip, fantastic cameras and wireless charging, it’s one of the finest phones still on the market for anyone, senior or otherwise.

Google Pixel 7

If you’re like most people, Google’s search engine is the first place you go when you have a query. So it probably comes as no surprise that the company makes an easy-to-use mobile phone too with the Google Pixel 7. Some reviewers have said that the Google Pixel 7 is the best Android phone around, and with a 6.3-inch screen that maintains its brightness even outside in bright sunlight, it’s certainly a good option for seniors.

Samsung Galaxy S23

One of Samsung’s best benefits for seniors is Easy Mode, which replaces your smartphone’s existing screen with a simplified one with larger apps, buttons and fonts. It also adds an Apps button to the home screen to make it easier to quickly access all of your apps in one place. Apart from Easy Mode, the Samsung Galaxy S23 is a great smartphone for people of all ages, with a long battery life and a pro-grade camera. 

Google Pixel 6a

A mobile phone so easy to use you can do it with one hand (there’s even a special mode for it), the Google Pixel 6a is a phone with an excellent camera, a lengthy battery life and a speedy performance.

Samsung Galaxy A33

Samsung’s A range is one of the company’s consistently good mid-range lines, and the A33 remains a good value buy. A range of cameras offers variety, and for anyone who’s looking for those perfect social media shots, the optical image stabilisation adjusts for shaky hands.

Oppo A96

The Oppo A96 is not only a mobile phone that’s easy to use, but it also packs a 6.43-inch Full HD+ screen that makes for a bright, clear and crisp picture display. Other features of this good-value, easy-to-use mobile phone include its fast performance and generous battery life.

Opel Mobile TouchFlip

The Opel Mobile TouchFlip is one of the easiest mobile phones for seniors and the visually impaired to use. Boasting bigger-than-average keys, a large and easy-to-read display and standard calling and texting features, it’s a simple yet powerful, easy-to-use mobile phone. It’s also hearing aid compatible (M4 and T4).

iPhone 14 Pro Max

With a range of features designed to make your life easier all around, the iPhone 14 Pro Max is not just an easy-to-use mobile phone for seniors, it’s a mobile phone that’s easy to use in general. It comes with the helpful Dynamic Island feature, which displays the information you need front and centre no matter which app you’re in. A vivid 6.7-inch screen size and camera with 12MP ultra-wide and TrueDepth lenses are among its other drawcards.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The Galaxy Note 9 has a big and beautiful screen size that not only makes photos look very eye-catching but also makes it easy to see and access information. An easy-to-use mobile phone that not only features high storage and sensational battery life but also allows you to use your phone as a notepad to jot things down on the go with an S-Pen stylus. All in all, a superb-quality phone that’s easy and intuitive for folks, both young and old.

Nokia 2660

A flip phone with large buttons, a large screen, an emergency button and an interface that’s simple to use, the Nokia 2660 is built to make life a lot easier for seniors.  

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Buy Easy to Use Mobile Phones at OzMobiles

Both iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones have well-deserved reputations for being easy-to-use mobile phones. OzMobiles has plenty of them for sale as well as a massive range of refurbished smartphones from other brands. If you’re looking to buy refurbished phones online, you don’t need to look any further.

Quality is always important when you buy refurbished phones online, so OzMobiles put all of our devices through a 72-point testing process that includes battery life, which we make sure is at least 80%. Every device we sell through our website is fully functional and sold with a 12-month warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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If you have any further questions or need help finding mobile phones that are easy to use, get in touch with OzMobiles!

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