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Being hit with a low battery notification even though you were on 100% just a few hours before can be so disappointing. Constantly needing to put your phone back on charge isn’t feasible for most people, especially if you need it for long periods.

Smartphones have been advancing rapidly in the past few years, with better processors, new features, and 120Hz displays, but it can still be difficult to find a device with a massive battery life. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best phones for battery life in 2024.

The answer to a longer-lasting phone isn’t as simple as increasing a battery’s capacity. This is because apps, games, and operating software on mobile phones are also becoming more demanding and require more power to run.

When looking for a phone with the best battery life, a great place to start is by looking at the mAh value in the specifications. The mAh value means the ‘milliampere hour’ and describes the amount of charge a mobile phone can deliver. The mAh value is just an estimate provided by phone manufacturers to calculate the phone’s battery life based on average usage.

While the mAh value is important to consider, other factors can also impact a phone’s battery life. These include the phone’s running temperature, battery-saving settings, and processing efficiency. 

‘Average usage’ is also a broad term because phone usage can differ drastically depending on the individual. Some might use their phone mainly for work and communications, whilst others use it primarily as a gaming device.

If you’re considering purchasing a new phone for better battery life, a refurbished device can be a cost-effective option. We’ve researched countless phone models to find you the longest-lasting devices, as well as discussing ways to maintain and prolong battery life.

The Phones With The Best Battery Life in 2024

When discussing which smartphones have the best battery life, it can help to understand what factors can impact battery life the most. That way, you can select the device that best suits your needs.

  1. The capacity of the battery
  2. The type of battery used
  3. The phone’s camera
  4. Age of the device
  5. The device’s average temperature

Samsung Galaxy S24 Series

Not only are Samsung’s new Galaxy S24 flagship phones amazing with the processing specifications, but it’s also great if you’re looking for a device with a long-lasting battery life. 

The new Exynos 2400 chipset makes a massive difference in Samsung’s 2024 flagship phones. The new chipset has better power management, allowing the Galaxy S24 phones to squeeze out more battery life, with the S24, S24 Plus and S24 Ultra lasting 13 to 16 hours in average use tests.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 series allows for 45W charging speeds through USB-C. So, even if you were to run out of battery, it can be charged back to full capacity quickly. 

Oppo A79 5G

Oppo’s A79 device is one of the best options if you want a long-lasting battery life whilst still maintaining a smaller form factor. The device has a massive battery capacity of 5000 mAh, making it bigger than most phones in its price range.

The Oppo A79 also features fast charging, with the ability to hit full charge in just 60 minutes. It also has a ‘Super Power Saving Mode’ and different night mode battery-saving settings to prolong your phone’s battery life.

Apple iPhone 15 Series

Apple’s new iPhone 15 series was released in September 2023 and features a massive upgrade in battery capacity, as well as in the processing and display department. This makes the iPhone 15, Plus, Pro and Pro Max the best devices Apple has ever released for battery life. 

Depending on the model of the iPhone 15, the battery life ranges from 11 hours for the base model to 14 hours for the 15 Pro Max and Plus. The devices also support USB-C fast charging and wireless charging for convenience.

Asus ROG Phone 8 Series

Asus has designed its new ROG Phone 8 series with gaming and battery life in mind. The device is powered by the latest Snapdragon Gen 3 chipset, which is one of the most efficient processors available in the mobile market.

The battery capacity for the ROG Phone 8 series sits at 5500 mAh, and the device has been reported to provide up to 18.4 hours of battery life in various tests online. The phone also supports high-speed 65-watt chargers. 

The phone also has a specifically designed cooling system inbuilt. This will not only keep your device cool at all times, even during intensive tasks like gaming, but also protect your battery from draining fast. 

Does The Refurbishing Process Impact Battery Life?

Two hands wearing blue gloves refurbishing a smartphone. One hand is holding a small screw driver tool and the other is holding the smartphone, which does not have a screen and the inside technology (the battery etc.) is visible. There are other refurbishing tools and parts laid out on the bench around the phone.

It’s understandable having questions about the refurbishing process for a mobile phone, and if the process can impact the device’s battery life and overall health. The industry standard for phones being refurbished is to maintain at least 80% of their battery health.

Battery health refers to the overall health of the battery and how many ‘lifetime cycles’ it has left. Battery life refers to how long a battery will last. If the battery health of a device is low, it can shorten the battery life.

For OzMobiles refurbished devices, our team offers a battery life guarantee. All the devices we sell have at least 80% total battery health. As part of the refurbishing process, our team tests the second-hand devices’ batteries and replaces them with a new battery if they don’t meet the standard. 

All the devices we sell go through a comprehensive 72-point checking process using our Blancco testing software. This also includes checking the device’s battery health and other components, like the processor, which can also impact battery life.

How To Maintain Phone Battery Life

Most modern-day smartphones feature lithium-ion (Li-ion) or lithium-polymer (Li-poly) batteries. These batteries are incredible pieces of technology but aren’t made to last forever.

The Li-ion and Li-poly batteries found in smartphones slowly degrade, resulting in the device’s battery health worsening over time. If you are concerned about your battery’s overall health, some phone models allow you to check the battery status in system settings.

The better your battery’s health is, the better your phone’s battery life will be. Aside from replacing your device’s battery, there are a few preventative measures you can take to maintain its health:

  1. Always use the power adaptor that comes with your phone. Using unofficial or third-party power adaptors can potentially damage your phone. 
  2. Keep your phone as cool as much as possible. Avoid situations where your phone is too hot; this can cause your battery to drain faster and damage its health. 
  3. Some more recent phone models, like the Galaxy S24 series, have a ‘Battery Protection’ option. This prevents your device from overcharging and putting unnecessary stress on your battery.
  4. Avoid full charging cycles (0-100%)—partial charging is better for your battery’s health. 
  5. Don’t use intensive apps or games whilst your phone is charging. Hard workloads will cause your phone to heat up and stress the battery.

How To Avoid Draining Your Phone Battery Life

If you’re looking to get the most out of your phone’s battery life, here are a few ways you can avoid draining it.

  1. Turn down your brightness. Maximum brightness can rapidly drain your device’s battery.
  2. Avoid intensive apps or games for long periods. Gaming for hours on end will drain your battery life.
  3. Close any background applications when they aren’t in use. Leaving them open can drain your battery.
  4. Turn on battery-saving options. This can help limit battery-draining features your phone has when not in use. 
  5. Update your device’s operating system. Keeping your firmware updated ensures your phone is operating at optimal levels. 
  6. Adjust your screen timeout settings. We recommend setting your time interval to 30 to 60 seconds.

Top Quality Refurbished Phones From OzMobiles

A hand holding a smartphone with 83% battery displayed on the screen.

Our refurbished phone range is a great option if you’re looking for a later-model device with a long-lasting battery at a better price. As part of the refurbishing process, the team here at OzMobiles checks and tests every part of the device, ensuring the battery life is in top condition and will last for years to come.

At OzMobiles, we stock refurbished Galaxy S24 phones and other Samsung flagship devices, including the iPhone 15 series.

If you have any questions regarding our refurbished phones and their battery quality, you can reach out and contact us. Our team is happy to answer any of your queries.

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