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You want an iPhone. But which one? When it comes to buying an iPhone second-hand, there are so many options available that you can take your pick.

If you’re torn between two of Apple’s latest lines, the iPhone 14 and iPhone 13, this article is for you. We’ll explore the pros, cons and unique features of each so that you can decide if upgrading your smartphone is worth your while.

Apple released the iPhone 13 in 2021, out-doing the already popular iPhone 12 with better cameras, long battery life and the power of the A15 Bionic chip. The model kept everything that was great about the iPhone 12 and introduced some fresh and exciting new elements.

Released the following year, the iPhone 14 is very similar to the 13, with some additions like extra camera features. Switching to the iPhone 14 is an easy transition for those who are used to how the 13 works, but the real question is: “Is it worth the upgrade?”

If you’re using an older iPhone and planning to make the switch to a more recent model, both the iPhone 14 and iPhone 13 are worth it. The way to make sure you get a product you’ll be happy with, and a warranty if anything goes wrong is to buy refurbished.

More than just second-hand phones, refurbished smartphones are devices that have been checked, tested, repaired if necessary and prepared for resale. Background checks have been run, the previous owner’s data has been erased, and you receive a warranty with your purchase.

Buying refurbished doesn’t have to mean buying old phones. You can pick up a refurbished iPhone 14 or a refurbished iPhone Pro Max for any year.

For those who may find it hard to decide between a refurbished iPhone 14 or 13, here’s the essential information on these two releases and their differences.  


iPhone 13 Series

Reviewers praised the iPhone 13 after its 2021 release for its longer battery life, increased storage space, lower price and upgraded camera system. This camera set-up includes two new 12-megapixel cameras, which let in more light than the iPhone 12’s camera and make for sharper, more balanced images.

The iPhone 13 series consists of four main models.  Some features are consistent across the set of four– the front cameras, the OLED displays, the iOS 15 software, the A15 chip, 5G capability and smaller notches than the iPhone 12. But there are still important differences between the models in terms of size, battery life and cost. Apple has now discontinued the iPhone 13 Pro and the iPhone 13 Pro Max, so buying a refurbished iPhone Pro Max is your best chance of getting your hands on a quality version of this ultra-fast, high-storage, high-performing model.

Here’s a brief breakdown of some of the best features of all four models to make buying an iPhone second-hand an easier choice:

iPhone 13

With a battery that lasts almost 20 hours, the iPhone 13 comes with benefits like a Dual 12MP camera system with Main and Ultra Wide cameras. With a bright display and cinematic video mode, it looks fantastic and packs a performance that’s just as high-quality.

iPhone 13 Mini

The smallest and lightest of the bunch, the iPhone 13 Mini has a smaller display size and shorter battery life than the 13.  But apart from that, there isn’t much difference. The 13 Mini comes in the same colours as the 13 and packs just as much punch in terms of storage and camera quality but with the added benefit of a more compact size.

iPhone 13 Pro

The iPhone 13 Pro is the same size as the 13 but comes with a triple rear camera instead of a double and additional features. The storage can go up to 1TB, and the battery lasts for up to 22 hours.

iPhone 13 Pro Max

The iPhone 13 Pro Max is the largest and most powerful of the 13 range, with 1TB storage, a battery life of up to 28 hours and a 5-core GPU.

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iPhone 14 Series

Like the iPhone 13 series, iPhone 14 comes in four main models, and one of the biggest differences is that Apple abandoned the Mini model this time around. There are some consistent benefits across the models, as usual, like car crash detection, camera stabilisation while in filming mode, and a ceramic front shield resistant to scratching and cracks. But as always, there are major differences in terms of features like storage, cameras, battery life and costs.  


The iPhone 14 is good value for money (even better if you buy a refurbished iPhone 14) and a strong choice if you need a phone that’s a great all-rounder. As Apple prepares to release potentially the most expensive iPhone yet, buying a refurbished iPhone 14 might suit you better than buying a brand-new iPhone 15.


But which refurbished iPhone 14 should you choose? Here are some of the biggest differences between the models:

iPhone 14

The iPhone 14 is more powerful than many other phones on the market and is certainly powerful enough for everyday uses, with the added benefit of being able to take stunning photos and videos. It has a vibrant display, a quick and responsive level of performance and a battery life that lasts almost 10 hours of 5G web surfing.

iPhone 14 Plus

While the iPhone 14 Plus has two cameras like the iPhone 14, and the same chipset, it comes with a larger screen and longer battery life.  If you want something a little extra but don’t need the additional features of the Pro or Pro Max models, the iPhone 14 Plus is an excellent choice.  A refurbished iPhone 14 Pro is even better value.

iPhone 14 Pro

The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max were Apple’s most powerful phones yet, powered by the A16 Bionic chip. The iPhone 14 Pro features the ‘Dynamic Island’ notch at the top of the screen, 1TB of storage and a 48MP main camera with an extra 12MP telephoto lens.

iPhone 14 Pro Max

With the A16 chip, Dynamic Island and many of the other advanced features of the 14 Pro, the Pro Max is larger at 6.7 inches and has a longer battery life. An expensive device when new, it’s much more affordable when you buy a refurbished iPhone Pro Max.


Is It Worth The Upgrade?

There are definitely some benefits to upgrading to the iPhone 14. It has a new car crash detection safety feature, an “action mode” to cut down on shaky video, and more memory. If these features are important to you, it’s worth upgrading. Overall though, there isn’t a huge difference between the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 14 in practical terms.


If you have an iPhone that’s older than both of these models, though, it’s definitely worth the upgrade! Either will give you a smooth, seamless and enjoyable iPhone experience, and you can save big when you buy a refurbished iPhone 14 or 13.

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