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The world’s third-biggest selling smartphone brand, Huawei, has phones that can easily match Samsung’s and Apple’s in quality. They also tend to be a lot less expensive, which is always an appealing trait! 

Yet despite Huawei’s worldwide popularity, iPhones and Samsung Galaxy smartphones still dominate Australia’s mobile market. When it comes to Huawei, you may have heard many different rumours, both good and bad. The company themselves have stepped in to clear up a few myths. In this article, we take a straightforward look at some of Huawei’s genuine pros and cons so you can decide if you want to buy Huawei phones online.

Huawei smartphones have numerous benefits: exceedingly long-lasting batteries, beautiful and elegant designs, long battery life, and stunning night photography. But like all smartphone brands, there are also reasons they may not be the phones for you.

One way to guarantee you get an amazing deal when you buy used Huawei phones is to buy refurbished ones. Refurbished phones are second-hand phones that have been repaired and restored to make them as good as new or close to it before being re-sold. Apart from minor faults like small scratches and dents, a refurbished phone should look, feel and function like a new one from a shopping centre. 

Buying refurbished is a reliable way to score a sweet deal on a used Huawei P30 Pro or another popular Huawei model. So what is Huawei all about? And what are some compelling reasons to buy Huawei phones online?  


History of Huawei

Huawei (pronounced “wah-way”) produces more than just smartphones. Their product range includes PCs, watches, tablets, routers and more, available in over 170 countries.

Ren Zhengfei founded Huawei in 1987 in a small apartment in Shenzhen, China. Originally a private branch exchange (PBX) sales agent, it had to branch into its own tech when its PBX vendor sold its company. After designing switchboards for hotels in the 1990s, Huawei partnered with IBM and saw the business grow to new heights over the next 20 years. 

Before entering the smartphone race, Huawei was one of the world’s biggest telecommunications equipment manufacturers, like routers and switches. Now they’re a customer-focused tech company with multiple research institutes and joint innovation centres, and they’re dedicated to improving people’s lives through the art of communication.


Pros of Huawei Phones

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Some excellent reasons to buy Huawei phones online include



Everyone loves a bargain, and everybody wants to save money. Huawei makes some of the highest-quality smartphones you’re likely to come across at some of the most affordable prices, which are often far less expensive than other smartphone brands. 

When you buy refurbished, you can sweeten the deal even more. A used Huawei P30 Pro from OzMobiles can save you almost a thousand dollars.


Powerful cameras

Wanting photos that look great is an excellent reason for buying a Huawei phone. Huawei smartphones are well-known for camera quality, and the P30 keeps the trend going. The Leica Triple Camera system has three cameras with super-sensing, ultra-wide and telephoto lenses, meaning you can fit more of the world into your frame and capture jaw-dropping views.


Long battery lives

Huawei smartphones are well-known for having generous battery life. Although the average length of a Huawei smartphone battery seems to be about two days, some models, like the Nova Y70, last for as long as three days on a single charge. Get on with your day and the things you need to do without taking time to find a power point for your charger.  


Innovative technology

Huawei has always been on the cutting edge of new technology, advancing developments in camera quality, folding phone designs and augmented reality (AR) capabilities. If you love technology and how it can make your life easier, a Huawei phone is an ideal tool.


Striking designs

Huawei phones are always beautifully and elegantly designed, with curved glass designs and vivid-coloured patterns. Huawei devices are designed to be sleek, stylish-looking, easy to carry around, and highly functional and intuitive to use. A Huawei smartphone looks good and feels just as good to use.  


Cons of Huawei Phones

Like all smartphones, Huawei devices will not be everyone’s first choice. Before you buy used Huawei phones, here are some honest cons.


No Google apps or support

Due to trade restrictions, Huawei is prohibited from doing business with any company in the United States. Sadly this includes Google, which means Google Play and apps like Gmail and YouTube aren’t available. You can still access blocked services via your web browser. 

Huawei, however, has a different operating system: HarmonyOS. Android users can easily get the hang of HarmonyOS, allowing them to connect their smartphones to other Huawei devices. Huawei also has its own in-house browser and e-mail service.


Heavy build

Despite their elegant design, some still find the weight of Huawei phones to be very heavy.


No screen protection on older models

Some models don’t come with in-built protection for screens, although this has been rectified on many newer models like the P20 and P30.


External memory is hard to find

While it’s possible to add external storage to Huawei smartphones, some have found devices to do so hard to obtain, and the storage space they contain to be limited.


Best Huawei Phones

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Huawei has two flagship lines – P and Mate – among the finest smartphones on the market. They also have more budget-friendly options like the ultra-affordable Ys and the mid-range Novas. While a complete list of the best Huawei phones and the pros and cons of each would require a whole new article, here’s a quick rundown of popular models.


P30 Pro

The P30 Pro, with its revolutionary Leica Quad camera system, was released to high praise and rave reviews in 2019. The phone won WhistleOut awards for best high-performance phone and best phone camera, and years later, it’s still considered a top-of-the-line smartphone. If you want to buy a used Huawei P30 Pro, OzMobiles is the place to get it.


Mate 40 Pro

A phone with curves and materials that showcase Huawei’s designs at their artful and graceful best, the Mate 40 Pro was so hotly anticipated in China that it sold out within 11 seconds of its release!


Mate 20 Pro

Huawei’s first phone with a curved screen, the P20 Pro delivers the goods in terms of battery life, processing power and triple rear cameras.


P50 Series

Huawei’s P50 is at the very top of its mid-range line, and its cameras come with versatile adjustable lengths and sensors for better photo quality. There’s also the P50 Pocket, Huawei’s first venture into the world of flip phones.



Another mid-range series, Huawei’s Nova phones come with all the things that make the brand appealing: fast charge, useful and versatile camera set-up, and hefty RAM. Value for money continues to be one of Huawei’s main goals, and this phone delivers on it.  


Where to Buy Used Huawei Phones

Want to buy Huawei phones online with the reassurance that you’re getting a good deal, and you’re covered if anything goes wrong? Your best option is to buy used Huawei phones with OzMobiles.

All of our devices are tested in Australia using our 72-point checking process. Every device we sell comes with a 12-month warranty that includes battery life and a 30-day money-back guarantee. We offer fast and free shipping and have you covered if your budget is tight too. We allow you to pay in instalments through payment providers. And if you find a better deal online, we’ll beat that price by $10 (terms and conditions apply).

Ready to buy Huawei phones online? Take a look at OzMobiles’ range of Huawei phones and get in touch if you need more info. 

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