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It’s been more than five years since Apple released the iPhone 8, so you can pretty safely assume you can score a second-hand one at a low price. But with a new iPhone hitting the shelves at least once a year, you may be wondering if this now-discontinued phone is over the hill. Is an iPhone 8 refurbished still a good buy, or would you be better off shopping for a more recent release? And what is a refurbished phone, anyway?

Here’s the short answer: the iPhone 8 refurbished model remains a good buy in 2023 and has enough endearing qualities to make it worth your while for many more years. The camera still captures clear images in great detail and contrast, the A11 Bionic chip still makes for a strong performance, and the augmented reality (AR) capabilities continue to let you do amazing things with images. But if you’re shopping for iPhones online, the best way to ensure you get the quality you’re after (including a battery life that won’t let you down) is to buy refurbished phones online.

If you need some convincing, this article is all about the reasons why an iPhone 8 refurbished is good for your pocket – both in terms of what it can do for you in the course of the day and what kind of money it can save you.


When was the iPhone 8 released?

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus both became available for pre-order on September 15, 2017, hitting the stores on September 22 of the same year. Apple kept making them until 2020, and at the time of writing (May 2023), they still receive iOS updates. In 2018, they were succeeded by the iPhone XS and XS Max (the largest iPhone released so far at the time). Since then, the best way to get them has been to buy refurbished phones online.


What is a Refurbished Phone?

Refurbished phones are more than just second-hand phones, although they’ve certainly had previous owners. Rather than buying a used phone from an individual on the Internet and taking a chance on the quality, you buy a refurbished phone from a retailer like OzMobiles, who has run tests and made sure that every component, from the microphone to the camera, still works. Refurbished retailers erase all of the previous owner’s data, run background checks to make sure the phone isn’t lost or stolen and put it through a stringent testing process.

While refurbished phones are generally sold in grades ranging from good as new to a little more worn-down, most arrive in a better-than-average condition than other used phones. Often you’ll end up with something that’s as good as new, apart from maybe the odd chip or dents here or there.

The main drawcard of refurbished phones is how much better they are for your budget, saving you hundreds of dollars and sometimes a grand or more. Because they’re sold by professionals, they’re covered under warranty, meaning when you buy iPhones refurbished online, you’re protected if anything goes wrong. You’ll also get an unlocked phone that you can simply pop your SIM card into without being tied into any contract.

Refurbished phones are simply a better deal for the environment too. E-waste (electronic waste) is the fastest-growing variety of waste in the world, and smartphones account for 10% of it. Billions of smartphones are thrown away every year, ending up in the world’s landfills and leaching toxic chemicals into the air and soil. When you buy an iPhone 8 refurbished (or any other type of refurbished smartphone), you save a phone from being discarded and another one from needing to be manufactured. Talk about supporting recycling and a sustainable economy!

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Benefits of iPhone 8 Refurbished

What makes an iPhone 8 refurbished continue to be worth buying in 2023? Here’s a short list of benefits:

Apple’s A11 Processor

An iPhone 8 comes with Apple’s A11 Bionic hexacore (that’s six cores in one). At the time, it was Apple’s most powerful processor so far. You’ll notice the punch it still packs when you’re browsing the web, streaming music or using apps, but it’s when you’re using the camera that it really shines. Not only can you use AR for hacks like real-time lighting estimation, but you can also use it to add fantastical objects like dinosaurs and spaceships to your snapshots.

Cameras with outstanding photo and video capabilities

Vibrant colours, accurate depth, clear lighting, and more detail - the iPhone 8’s camera set-up has them all. There’s a 12MP rear camera and a 7MP front camera. LED True Tone Flash and Slow Sync result in backgrounds with consistent lighting. You’ll also be able to capture your memories in stunning detail when shooting video, as the iPhone 8 has 4K video shooting with real-time image and motion analysis. Portrait mode brings studio-quality lighting to your selfies and close-up shots.

Retina HD displays 

With the iPhone 8 refurbished phone’s new retina HD displays, everything you see on your screen looks good. True Tone adjusts the white balance of the display to match the surroundings, adjusting the look of the picture to the lighting conditions.

Powerful stereo speakers

The iPhone 8 has stereo speakers that are 25% louder than the ones on previous iPhones, with deeper bass. As a result, you can enjoy richer, clearer sound both when you listen to music and when you take calls.

Wireless charging

The iPhone 8 is compatible with Apple’s Qi ecosystem, and you can charge it wirelessly using charging mats.

Decent battery life

An important factor when buying any phone, the iPhone 8 has a better-than-average battery life. It won’t last a full two days like more recent iPhone models, but it won’t leave you scrambling for a power outlet when you have better things to do either.

Respectable storage space

The starting storage size is 64GB, still a generous amount of storage (if not a mammoth one) by today’s standards.

A high-quality phone that’s affordable

Obviously, buying used iPhones online is a lot cheaper than buying them new. The best way to ensure your phone still meets the level of quality you’re happy with is to buy refurbished phones online. Even when it comes to refurbished retailers, however, it pays to be careful who you shop with.

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Where to Buy iPhone 8 Refurbished 

If you’re going to buy an iPhone 8 refurbished, why not buy one that’s locally sourced and comes with a 12-month warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee? That’s what OzMobiles will give you with our full range of iPhone 8 series refurbished.

An iPhone 8 Plus in excellent condition costs only $309, saving you almost five hundred dollars.

For those who want to buy refurbished phones online, OzMobiles puts all of our devices through a 72-point checking process that includes battery life, which we make sure is at least 80%. We offer free and fast shipping. If you order before 12:30 pm on a weekday, we’ll put your device in the mail on the same day.

We’re also eager to help you save money when you buy iPhones online. If you find a better deal on the same device elsewhere, we’ll beat that price by $10 (terms and conditions apply). And if you can’t afford to pay the full price upfront, we offer payment plans through third-party providers like ZipPay, AfterPay or PayPal Pay in 4.

If you have any more questions about buying an iPhone 8 refurbished or anything else to do with refurbished devices, get in touch with the OzMobiles team

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