How the Samsung Galaxy S24 Is Embracing AI

When Samsung unveiled its Galaxy S24 series, artificial intelligence (AI) was the focus. In fact, AI enhances just about every feature of this new flagship range, which includes the Samsung Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+ and Galaxy S24 Ultra. As AI becomes the new standard by which to measure smartphones, brands like Apple, Google, Meta and Qualcomm are betting big on the technology. At Samsung’s ‘Galaxy Unpacked’ event on January 17, 2024, the company showed just how committed they are to the merits of machine learning with the game-changing Galaxy AI technology.

Of course, AI wasn’t the only selling point that Samsung had for the Galaxy S24 range. Available in beautiful mineral-inspired colours like Cobalt Violet and Titanium Yellow, these Androids come with slim, even bezels for a viewing experience that deeply absorbs the user. The Galaxy S24 and S24 Plus come with 4000mAh and 4900mAh batteries, respectively. The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is the first Galaxy smartphone with a titanium frame and features a vapour chamber for better gaming performance. Reviewers have praised the way the Galaxy S24 delivers on a smartphone’s most important features while offering value for money.

But for Android users who are most interested in the possibilities of AI, the Samsung Galaxy S24 is the most exciting smartphone to hit the stores in a while. For the same level of quality, you can catch it at a discount on the refurbished market. 

How Is The Samsung Galaxy S24 Incorporating AI?

As news spread that Apple is currently the biggest smartphone brand in the world, Samsung put its faith in AI, incorporating it into its devices on a deeper level than Apple currently has. Yet, as Apple moves to invest billions in AI and other tech companies follow suit, you can expect cutting-edge smartphone features to become more commonplace soon.

Some ways in which the Samsung Galaxy S24 series pushes the boundaries of artificial intelligence include:

Circle to Search

It’s never been easier to Google search objects of interest. When you’re looking at photos or watching videos and something catches your eye (e.g. a product or a natural landmark), simply circle it with your finger, and it will take you straight to the search results.  

Generative Edit

With the Generative Edit tool, it only takes a moment to spruce up the look of your photos or iron out their imperfections. With just a few simple finger taps, you can resize, move or delete objects, change your image background or remove unwanted reflections and shadows.

Chat Assist

Chat Assist assists you with spelling and grammar, translates your message into different languages and even helps you get your tone right. Whether you want to adopt a more conversational approach when texting your best friend or a more formal one to send a professional message, Chat Assist suggests ways to rephrase.

Live Translate

The Live Translate feature is the closest thing we currently have to the ‘universal translator’ device regularly found in sci-fi stories. With this function, you can experience two-way voice and text translations of calls and messages in real time. When you need to quickly send a message in another language, Live Translate breaks down those communication barriers.

Transcript Assist

The Samsung Galaxy S24’s Transcript Assist feature makes note-taking during business meetings or lectures a lot easier. Available through the Voice Recorder app, the Transcript Assist feature lets you record conversations and then transcribe them into written text.

Note Assist

Samsung’s Note Assist feature helps you better organise your notes and, indeed, your life with templates, pre-made formats, and AI-written summaries.

Zoom Nightography

The Samsung Galaxy S24 has the most advanced AI-enhanced Nightography cameras, allowing you to freely shoot even in the darkest conditions without any effect on your photo quality. 

The Advantages of Using AI in the S24

AI is here to stay. Luckily it has benefits to bring both to Samsung Galaxy S24 users and to smartphone users in general.

Some of the pros of using the AI functionality in the Galaxy S24 include:

Productivity and convenience

AI saves smartphone users time and hassle by anticipating their needs and preferences. It helps speed up your creative work and makes taking the perfect photo or ordering a meal in a foreign country a lot more convenient. The Samsung Galaxy S24’s AI capabilities let you accomplish more at a faster pace than ever before, so you can keep up with the speed of life.

Enhanced efficiency

Day-to-day tasks like scheduling appointments and sorting out e-mails can take up a lot of our free time. AI can take control of some of the more mundane parts of your day, allowing you to put the rest of it to better use.

Improved accessibility

Features like Voice Control, Speech Recognition and Text-to-Speech can make it easier for people with disabilities to navigate their smartphones and perform important tasks like accessing certain documents.

Photo and video quality

Camera quality is one of the most important factors for smartphone shoppers these days, and one of AI’s biggest benefits has been its impact on technology. Whether you’re building a social media presence or making home videos of your family holidays, AI lets you take the best possible shot even in low-light conditions and provides you with a range of easy-to-use editing tools.  

The Downsides to Using AI in the S24

Are there any drawbacks to the use of AI in the Samsung Galaxy S24 or in smartphone technology in general? Here are some factors that may make you reconsider whether the AI-powered S24 is the ideal smartphone choice for you.

The translation features aren’t perfect

The Live Translate feature is useful but not always exact and can sometimes come up with imprecise or too-literal translations of particular sentences.

The AI features are very productivity-orientated

The Samsung Galaxy S24’s machine learning capabilities are focused heavily on saving time and dealing with very practical matters. While this is far from a bad thing, some smartphone users may be looking for more creativity or “fun” from their AI experience.

Concerns about privacy

AI-powered smartphones collect and analyse a lot of user data to personalise experiences, leading some users to raise concerns about privacy. There’s the risk of oversharing personal information with AI chatbots, and Google has warned users not to enter confidential information into conversations on these messaging apps.


Does The Refurbishing Process Impact The AI Capabilities of the S24?

The process of refurbishing a smartphone involves making sure the phone isn’t lost or stolen, wiping the previous owner’s data and making sure the phone meets high standards of quality. A professional refurbisher checks every component of the smartphone from the microphone to the touchscreen to make sure it still works. When you buy a refurbished smartphone from a professional, you get a smartphone that’s practically identical to a new one in terms of quality, minus a few scuffs.

A smartphone’s AI capabilities primarily come from its hardware, such as its processor and RAM, and software, like its operating system. Refurbishing a smartphone has no impact on its AI capabilities as long as the refurbisher does their due diligence in fixing or replacing damaged parts. 

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