How Refurbished Devices Integrate Into the Samsung Ecosystem

These days, it’s not just Apple boasting a shared ecosystem. Just about every tech company, large and small, is trying to develop a well-connected universe between devices, and Android giant Samsung is among the best at it.

As the world’s top-selling Android brand, Samsung has long been at the forefront of smartphone tech innovations. In addition to their range of popular Galaxy smartphones, devices like the Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Buds have added to the excitement and convenience of the whole Samsung ecosystem.  

The Samsung ecosystem offers a number of lifestyle benefits: some in plain sight, some a little less heavily promoted. The Samsung phone, tablet, watch and buds all perform well on their own but work like a dream team when you put them together. You can use features like Samsung Health, your all-in-one fitness and wellness tracker, across multiple devices. With the Keyboard Share feature, you can type on your smartphone with your Samsung Tab’s keyboard, and with SmartThings Find, you can expand that remote ease of usage to a whole range of household Smart Devices.

Refurbished smartphones are more than second-hand smartphones. They’re pre-loved phones that a professional has restored to full functionality, making sure every component works properly in the process. Refurbished smartphones are your best option if you want a smartphone that’s close to new in terms of quality but you only want to pay second-hand prices.

Here’s the OzMobiles guide to how refurbished Samsung smartphones integrate into the Samsung ecosystem.

Does Refurbishment Impact Samsung’s Integration?

The process of refurbishing a smartphone involves performing a factory reset and erasing the previous owner’s data, checking the phone isn’t lost or stolen and making sure every component from the touchscreen to the all-important battery still works. The refurbishing process is better for the environment, far better for your wallet and gives you a standard of smartphone that’s practically new apart from a few scratches or scuffs. So, does the refurbishment process affect the smartphone ecosystem?

Good news: the effect of refurbishment on Samsung smartphones is a wholly positive one. It extends the lifespan of an old phone and saves you from having to go shopping for a new one. It introduces some competition into the smartphone market and gives you a few more affordable options. But it doesn’t directly affect the functionality of Samsung devices and how they connect with each other. You may just have to check that your devices, especially the older ones, are still eligible for software updates and compatible with one another.

Features and Benefits of Samsung’s Ecosystem

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Built with quality in mind, every Samsung device is designed to work well on its own, but the Samsung ecosystem really lets the connectivity of these devices shine. Some of the most compelling Samsung ecosystem features include:

Samsung Health

Samsung Health is a versatile tool, an all-in-one health, wellness and fitness app that you can use across multiple devices. It lets you track your steps and fitness activities for the day, monitor your sleep and track your nutrition. When you use it with the Galaxy Watch5 and Watch5 Pro, you can track specific metrics like your heart rate and blood oxygen.


With the SmartThings feature, you can use your Samsung Galaxy smartphone, Smart Watch or Tab to control a selection of smart devices like smart lights, speakers and locks. You can use SmartThings to turn your TV on and off, help you with your cooking and automatically switch your appliances to power-saving mode.

Wireless Powershare

When your Galaxy Watch or Buds are running low on power, Wireless Powershare lets you use wireless Qi charging on your phone to charge your other devices.


If you have data on your smartphone or Samsung Tab that you need urgently, Quickshare allows you to easily transfer it from one device to another.


Stay on top of your social media notifications by seeing them spring up across your range of devices in real-time. One of the most useful apps for this is Samsung Flow, which displays your notifications across multiple devices but groups them into one easy channel you can leave running in the background.

Apple Vs Samsung Ecosystem

As the two most powerful players in the mobile phone world, Apple and Samsung are both brands that inspire fervent loyalty. Samsung Galaxy fans love the high security, great cameras and abundance of apps on the Google Play store, while iPhone users praise the high performance, lack of bloatware, high-grade hardware and (of course) the sheer connectivity of the Apple ecosystem. So, how does Samsung’s ecosystem measure up? How does Apple vs. Samsung’s ecosystems compare?

Both the Apple and Samsung ecosystems have a lot of perks for students and professionals: the potential for remote work, virtual meetings and collaborations from different locations. However,  some of the major differences, include:

Operating systems

Samsung’s smartphones and devices run on the Android operating system, while Apple’s iOS is one of its most famous features.


Similarly, Apple designs both the software and the hardware for its iPhones. Samsung designs its hardware but uses the same software as other phones on the Android operating system.

Ecosystem products

Samsung’s ecosystem features a dazzling selection of appliances, including smart home appliances. Apple, on the other hand, has a more streamlined tech range that still features the essentials like Mac computers, Apple Watches, Apple TVs and the HomePod.

App stores

Apple’s App Store is a marketplace exclusively designed for apps on the iOS and iPad operating systems. Samsung uses the Google Play store but also has its own Galaxy stores for some exclusively Samsung-based apps.


While Apple definitely has its share of customisation options, the selection is relatively limited compared to the themes, widgets and settings on the Samsung ecosystem. That makes Samsung a strong choice for those who like to personalise their devices extensively.

Design and approach

Apple’s commitment to minimalism and a streamlined user experience impacts everything from the design of the brand’s devices to the user experience they provide. Samsung devices tend to have larger screens, more features, and more opportunities to customise your device.

Refurbished Samsung Devices at OzMobiles

A hand hold up a Samsung Galaxy phone with the back to the camera reflecting rainbow lights.

The refurbishing process won’t affect the functionality or your enjoyment of your Samsung device, and you can still use the Samsung ecosystem across your refurbished devices. What a refurbished device will do is offer you a higher level of quality for a fraction of the cost you’d expect to pay for a new one, as long as you buy from the right retailer.

OzMobiles provides affordable refurbished Samsung Galaxy smartphones locally sourced in Australia. All of our refurbished devices have been put through a strict 72-point testing process to ensure they meet high Australian standards, including battery life, which we ensure is 80%. Our massive Samsung collection includes not only smartphones but also USB cables for greater connectivity between devices.

All OzMobiles devices come with 12-month warranties and 30-day money-back guarantees, and our payment plans make it easier to get your ideal refurbished smartphone.

If you’d like to find out more about our refurbished Samsung devices, contact the OzMobiles team

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