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You may have heard: the Galaxy s23, S23 Plus and S23 Ultra are Samsung’s flagship phones for 2023, with a release date of February 17. Launching multiple models of smartphones per year isn’t unusual for the leading Android brand, whose line-up seems to be consistently growing bigger and better. So far, their diverse range includes the cutting-edge S series, the mid-range and more budget-friendly A line-up and the Z collection of flip phones. So how many Samsung phone models are there to choose from, and how do you know which one to pick?

It’s fair to say there’s a Samsung smartphone for every budget, from those who just need a decent standard entry-level phone to those who want something more high-end and flashy. But what’s even better for your budget and provides even more freedom of choice is shopping for refurbished Samsung phones. Refurbished phones are used Samsung phones that have been checked and tested thoroughly to ensure they’re performing to certain standards and repaired if necessary before being re-sold.

A quick online search will reveal endless options for used Samsung phones to buy. Regardless of age, most of the models are still above-average-quality smartphones too! So how many Samsung phone models are there, and which are the best? For Samsung savings, answers to these questions and some suggestions to get you started, OzMobiles are happy to help.


Samsung Phones & Their Benefits

Along with Apple, Samsung dominates smartphone sales, leading the charge in selling Android smartphones. If you’d like to know how many Samsung phone models there are and what their core features are, there are some detailed guides on the web. The South Korean company’s first release came in 2010 with the original Samsung Galaxy S. It’s hard to imagine now, but the rear camera was just five megapixels while the front was 0.3. What the Galaxy S really pioneered was making the Android operating system easier to customise. Hundreds of other models of phones have followed, with sales figures in the trillions

As you can probably tell from their popularity, Samsung smartphones get a lot of things right, and there are many reasons their phones are so sought-after. Some of their biggest strengths include:

Photo quality

With a selection of lenses, including Wide-Angle and Telephoto, and high screen resolution, Samsung smartphones continually produce photos with crisp and clear image quality.

Water and dust resistance

Samsung smartphones frequently come equipped with water and dust resistance ratings of IP67 and IP68, which make them incredibly resistant to the effects of water and dust. Buy a Samsung smartphone, and you won’t sweat a sudden spill.

Multi-window features

Functions like Split-Screen and Multi-window mode allow you to toggle back and forth between different screens and apps, making it easier to multitask.


Samsung smartphones offer a high degree of protection thanks to Samsung Knox, a security program trusted by both governments and big businesses.


Samsung Phone Models

Man holding gold/green Samsung phone with cameras facing towards camera

How many Samsung phone models are there on the OzMobiles website? There are many, with the potential for new ones to arrive at any time as Samsung fans trade their old smartphones for the latest models. Need some help picking out your ideal refurbished Samsung phone? Here is a small selection of some of the best Samsung phones to come out recently:

Samsung Galaxy S20 - $599 (save $750)

Samsung’s flagship phone of 2020, the Samsung Galaxy S20 looks great, feels great and performs at a truly satisfying level. The 6.2 inch, 1440p, Dynamic AMOLED 2X, HDR10+ display makes the content you watch look better than ever before. The camera with lossless zoom captures the world around you at its best in stunning photographs, and the battery life lasts all day – about an hour longer than its predecessor. Just about the only con reviewers noted was the lack of a headphone jack.  

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 - $749 (save $500)

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is geared for next-level content consumption, with a top-notch 6.7-inch display. Reviewers loved the functionality and features of this phone, including the spectacular triple camera system, an S-Pen that feels as smooth as sketching on a notepad, an elegant design and a decent battery life. Cons are on the short side and mostly limited to specific design aspects that didn’t work for everyone.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

One of Samsung’s flagship phones of 2023, it’s only a matter of time until a refurbished or ex-demo version is available through OzMobiles. Features include an epic Nightography camera with four lenses, the world’s fastest Snapdragon processor, battery life guaranteed to please, and the highest resolution on a Galaxy smartphone yet: 200MP. So far, reviewers have loved its features, and its cons have been relatively minor quibbles, such as a lack of changes to the design.

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

You don’t always have to buy the most expensive new smartphone to hit the market. The Samsung Galaxy A53 5G is a mid-range phone with benefits like 128GB of internal storage, a 6.5-inch infinity O display, stable video capabilities and smooth scrolling. While there are a few specific cons, such as a lack of a 3.5 mm audio jack, it’s been reviewed favourably on the whole.


Benefits of Buying Refurbished Samsung Phones

Close up shot of a purple Samsung Galaxy Note9 laying facedown

On top of the advantages of Samsung smartphones, there are benefits to buying refurbished Samsung smartphones as well. Some of the biggest pros of shopping for refurbished Samsung phones include:

It’s a lot more affordable

The main reason to buy second-hand is, of course, the considerably lower price. You can save up to 40% or keep several hundred dollars in your bank account.

It’s better for the environment

E-waste (electronic waste) is the fastest-growing kind of waste in the world, and so much of it consists of smartphones. Buying refurbished saves a perfectly good, functional Samsung smartphone from ending up in a landfill and helps contribute to recycling and a sustainable economy.

You have so much variety to choose from

How many Samsung phone models are there available to buy second-hand? There are many, and if you choose the right seller, you can find yourself with one of the brand’s better phones.

You can still buy a phone with a warranty

If you hear “online shopping” and think ‘no warranty’, refurbished smartphones should make you change your tune. From OzMobiles, you receive a 12-month warranty and a product that’s been tested to ensure it meets the highest standards.


Where to Buy Used Samsung Phones

When you buy used Samsung phones from OzMobiles, we’ll ensure you get a fantastic deal without having to purchase brand new.

An Australian-owned and operated company, we test all of our devices at our Melbourne headquarters using our 72-point testing process. We want to ensure they live up to the high standards you’d reasonably expect, including a battery life of at least 80%.

Found a better deal elsewhere? We’ll beat that price by $10 (terms and conditions apply). And if you can’t afford to buy the phone outright, we allow payment plans through third-party providers.

For help picking the right Samsung smartphone, get in touch with OzMobiles

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