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When Apple released the iPhone 13 in 2021, it won praise from reviewers for being the best iPhone available for those on a budget. Its bright display and quality cameras with Cinematic video mode made it very easy to take fantastic-looking photos. Yet as one reviewer said, “It’s all about the battery.” Everyone wants a decent battery life, and the iPhone 13’s battery lasted up to 15 hours, a longer stretch than previous mid-range phones provided.

Yet when you type “Does iPhone 13 have battery issues?” into Google, you come across a number of threads about the topic in the Apple Support community about iPhone users' experiences with that very topic: battery life.  

What happened? Does the iPhone 13 really have battery issues?  Is it still a phone you should buy new or second-hand? And if you do choose the second-hand option, how long does your iPhone 13’s battery last?

The issue may stem from Apple’s iOS 15.4 update. After downloading the new iOS instalment, many iPhone users took to Twitter and the Apple Support forums to declare that their iPhone 13 batteries weren’t lasting as long as they did before the update. Apple responded that a fast-draining battery is normal for up to 48 hours after an update.

Many iPhone users are familiar with and expect a decreased battery life after an iOS update. But what do you do if the decrease in your battery life has long outlasted the typical 48-hour period? Can an iPhone 13 battery be replaced?

In this article, the team at OzMobiles sorts the facts from the myths about the iPhone 13, including the question, “Does the iPhone 13 have battery issues?” We’ll touch on some common causes of short battery life in iPhones, how you can increase your own phone’s battery life and why buying a refurbished one can be one of the best decisions for your battery life you can make.


Common Issues with the iPhone 13


The iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max are all excellent smartphone models that have won praise for their features, including their battery lives. Yet bugs and issues can arise on even the best-value smartphones out there. So does the iPhone 13 have battery issues, and if not, what kind of issues does it have?

Some fairly common issues that have come up at times with the iPhone 13 include:

Face ID issues

Some Apple users have experienced issues with the Face ID function on their iPhone 13s, especially after upgrading to iOS 16. Luckily there are several ways you can handle this.

Wi-Fi issues

Both the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max have faced connectivity issues at times even with access to Wi-Fi nearby. This also tends to happen after an iOS update, and luckily, there are fixes for it.


The iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro can experience battery overheating at times due to excessive use of the phone or external causes like aftermarket chargers.


What Causes Issues with Battery Life?

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Does the iPhone 13 have battery issues? Not usually, but no smartphone model is exempt from running into a few problems now and then. If you’ve noticed the battery life on your iPhone is a lot shorter than it should be, here are some common causes:

5G connectivity

While 5G provides faster Internet and faster downloads, it also drains your iPhone’s battery faster.

An old battery

Lithium-ion batteries degrade with time, and a battery that’s a number of years old loses its charge much faster than a new one.

Location services and GPS

Using GPS or location services a lot can drain your battery life faster.

Screen brightness and time-out

Having your iPhone screen’s brightness turned up can place a higher demand on your battery life, and so can setting your screen timeout settings for too long.  


How to Maintain iPhone 13 Battery Life


Can an iPhone 13 battery be replaced? How long does an iPhone 13 battery last, anyway? A lithium-ion battery usually holds around 500 charge cycles and lasts about two years. Your iPhone 13 battery can be replaced if necessary, but here are some tips for getting the most out of the one you have:

Don’t overcharge your iPhone – or let it go completely flat

Both charging your iPhone to 100% and letting it drop to 0% can stress your battery and shorten its lifespan. Instead, it’s better to keep your iPhone between 40% and 80% charge.

Don’t charge your iPhone overnight

It’s a common practice, but leaving your iPhone plugged in overnight can greatly reduce how long an iPhone battery lasts. Overnight charging will mean your iPhone spends several hours at 100% battery health, which places stress on its battery.

Use official Apple chargers

Apple manufactures chargers that are designed to be used with iPhones. While a lot of aftermarket chargers will still charge your iPhone, some of them (especially the very cheap ones) are lower quality and lack the right safety mechanisms to protect it.

Turn the screen brightness down

Unless you’re using your iPhone in direct sunlight, you rarely need to have the screen brightness cranked up to 100%. Turning it down a little will save you battery life.

Turn on Low Power Mode

Low Power Mode restricts certain features on your phone (and sometimes shuts them off) to ensure your iPhone only needs the minimum amount of battery power to run. It’s perfect for when you’re running low on battery and need to conserve what you have but don’t know what to turn off first.


With proper care, you’ll find your iPhone 13 does not have any battery issues that can’t be easily fixed. So where do you buy an iPhone 13, new or second-hand, that you know is going to deliver quality?


You may have heard about refurbished smartphones: used smartphones that have been checked and repaired before being resold to make sure they meet high standards. Refurbished smartphones have been put through extensive testing procedures, and the previous owner’s data has been erased. Buying one of these phones removes the risk of not getting what you paid for, which is always a valid concern when buying a used smartphone from a stranger.


Buy a Refurbished iPhone 13 at OzMobiles

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Does a refurbished iPhone 13 have battery issues? Not when you buy it through OzMobiles. Our Battery Health Guarantee protects your peace of mind and the quality of your new refurbished phone.


We make sure every device we sell has at least 80% of its original battery life before we put it up for sale. If it drops below 80% during your 12-month warranty period, your iPhone 13 battery can be replaced or repaired for free. How long does a refurbished iPhone 13 battery last? 80% is the threshold for peak performance, so your refurbished phone’s battery should last just as long as a new iPhone’s or close to it.


Check out our selection of refurbished iPhone 13s and other refurbished iPhone models, and you can score a new iPhone for hundreds of dollars less than you’d pay at the store. All of our devices are fully functional and come with 12-month warranties and 30-day money-back guarantees. 


If you have any questions or need any help picking the right refurbished iPhone, get in touch with the OzMobiles team


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