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We all love a bargain, which is why buying second-hand smartphones and other devices is such a popular choice. But while affordability is important, quality is essential! Nobody wants to get stuck with a phone that doesn’t work as well as it should, or even worse, one that barely functions. If you’re looking around for a new iPhone, but the high prices of store-bought models turn you off, you’ve probably read up on the option of refurbished phones. You may have questions like ‘Are refurbished iPhones good, or are they just less expensive?’, ‘What is an iPhone renewed?’ and ‘Where is the best place to buy second-hand iPhones?’

Since it first launched in 2007, Apple’s iPhone has steadily risen in popularity over more than a decade, becoming the biggest-selling smartphone in the world and turning Apple into a trillion-dollar company. A massive driver of the iPhone’s phenomenal popularity was, and still is, the fact that it replaces so many other devices: camera, personal organiser, music player, GPS. Like every other Apple device, the iPhone is easy to integrate with the intuitive Apple ecosystem. Loyal iPhone fans love its smooth and fast performance, its high amount of internal storage, its user-friendly interface, its lack of bloatware and its excellent levels of privacy and security.

So, how do refurbished iPhones stack up? Are refurbished iPhones good enough to match the quality you can find in stores? And is it possible to pick up recent models like a 2023 refurbished iPhone 14 Plus?

There’s a difference between refurbished phones and regular used phones, and you’ll be pleased to know refurbished iPhones live up to the standards you’d expect in Australia.


How Are iPhones Refurbished?

Like other kinds of second-hand smartphones, refurbished phones have had previous owners. The main difference is that they’re sold through manufacturers or third-party retailers that have tested them extensively, repaired them if necessary and prepared them to be resold. When you buy a refurbished iPhone from a trustworthy seller with a good reputation, you can expect it to be fully functional. The seller will have run background checks on the phone, erased the previous owner’s data and ensured that every element from the touchscreen to the microphone still works.

Refurbished iPhones are sold with warranties. Plus, apart from a few superficial marks like scratches or chips, they’re likely to be pretty much identical to store-bought ones. Just a whole lot cheaper.

OzMobiles buys used iPhones and checks the available databases to make sure they’re not somebody’s lost or stolen property. Then, we wipe all of the previous owner’s data, contact details, etc., and restore the phone to factory settings. Before anything goes up on our website, we make sure it’s as close to new as possible.

If you’ve been looking into refurbished iPhones, you may have also come across the term “renewed”. What is a renewed iPhone, and is it different from a refurbished iPhone? Basically, no. The two words mean the same thing. What is an iPhone renewed? An iPhone refurbished by a different name.

The refurbishing process is a thorough and detailed one. But are refurbished iPhones good?


Different Refurbishing Grades

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Refurbished phones are commonly sold in grades based on what sort of state they’re in. OzMobiles devices come in four main grades:


These phones are brand new and still come with their manufacturer’s warranties. Some of them may have been taken out of their boxes for quality checks, but they haven’t been activated.



Ex-demo phones are iPhones and Androids that haven’t had previous owners but have been removed from their original packaging, usually to be put on display in retail stores. These phones are usually in a condition that’s very close to new, with very faint marks or no marks at all on them.



A phone sold with an ‘Excellent’ grade is 100% fully functional and in very good condition. However, there are some signs that it’s not completely new, such as scratches or marks on the screen that aren’t visible at arm’s length.


Very Good

OzMobiles never sells a smartphone that falls below the condition of ‘Very Good’. In this state, smartphones are still 100% fully functional but may have some dents or scratches that are visible from arm’s length. These models are usually sold at heavily reduced rates and offer outstanding value for money.


When you buy from OzMobiles, all refurbished iPhones are good, and we have something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for an older variety of iPhone at a fraction of its original price or hoping to score an iPhone 14 Plus refurbished, we have something in stock for you.


So, what are refurbished iPhones good for? What are their main benefits?


Benefits of Buying Refurbished


Why are refurbished iPhones so good? Here are some of the main reasons:


More affordable

For most buyers, the most attractive thing about refurbished phones is that they cost a lot less than store-bought ones. You can pick up a refurbished phone for several hundred dollars less than you’d expect to pay in stores and sometimes even a grand or more. 



When you buy a used iPhone online, you’re not always guaranteed to be covered under a seller’s policy if something goes wrong. When you buy from OzMobiles, you receive a warranty so you can exchange or refund your iPhone in the unlikely event that it doesn’t match what you paid for.


Better for the environment

You may have heard about e-waste (electronic waste). It is currently the fastest-growing form of waste in the world. Smartphones are a major contributor to the growing e-waste issue and its effects on the environment. Refurbished phones are a more sustainable option that helps to reduce your carbon footprint.


Lots of variety

If you think you can only pick up older iPhone models when you buy refurbished, you’re in luck. OzMobiles has many different iPhones for sale, including recent editions like the refurbished iPhone 14 Plus.  


Refurbished iPhones from OzMobiles are unlocked

Some carriers sell iPhones that are locked to certain providers. When you buy from OzMobiles, however, you can just pop your SIM card in and go.


What is the iPhone renewed’s best retailer near you? For refurbished iPhones of all kinds, look no further than right here on the OzMobiles site.


Buy Refurbished iPhones at OzMobiles

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OzMobiles can answer the question, ‘Are refurbished iPhones good?’ with a definitive yes. When you buy your new phone from us, you can score some of the best-refurbished iPhones on the market at some of the most affordable prices.


This includes some of the latest phones from the iPhone 14 series, including a refurbished iPhone 14 Plus range.


There are many reasons OzMobiles' refurbished phones are so good. We put all of our devices through a 72-point checking process to make sure they meet high Australian standards. Every device we sell is 100% fully functional and comes with a 12-month warranty plus a 30-day money-back guarantee.


For more information and help finding the right refurbished iPhone, contact the OzMobiles team!

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