What can you do with your old phone?

You’ve been living here a while - Earth, we mean - and the chances are that you know we are in a dire situation with the environment. The chances are high that you won’t want to be part of the problem when it comes to upgrading your phone to a new model. This means that you need to find a solution that doesn't involve dumping your phone in the environment. E-waste has potentially hazardous consequences for the planet, with old battery fluid poisoning the waterways and the electrical components not breaking down over time.

Recycle Mobile Phones For Cash

There are places that buy old mobile phones whether they are working or non-working from customers and they then recycle them or give them to OzMobiles to refurbish and resell. Your options for disposing of your old phone is threefold:


  • Give it away to a friend
  • Trade it in at the store for an upgrade

No matter which option you choose, you can do this with iPhones, Samsung phones and even the old Hitachi models. Knowing it’s been resold or stripped back for parts is a far better way to get rid of your old mobile phone than ditching it in the environment.


Be A Superhero

You may not be able to save the world, but when you think about selling mobile phones to Mobile Monster, you can save a little piece of it! You get to be a superhero who doesn't add to landfill, so do yourself a favour and sell your mobile to an Australian owned and operated business who cares, too. Do more, and you can upgrade cheaply, too!   
How we rate our devices
Brand New
Never used and come with their full Australian Manufacturer's Warranty. Some might have been opened for quality checks, but they have never been activated.
Like New
It is in 'As New' condition with very faint to no marks on the device and is 100% functional and covered by our 12 months warranty.
Minimal Signs of Wear
There may be minor scratches on the screen that are not visible from arm's length. There can be some small dents on the body. 100% fully functional and covered by our 12 months warranty.
Moderate Wear
There can be visible scratches on the screen from arm's length and dents around the body. 100% fully functional and covered by our 12 months warranty. These devices offer exceptional value.