5 Best Refurbished Smartphones to Buy In 2021

With today's phones capable of lasting a few years without needing an upgrade, the manufacturing date doesn’t necessarily make a device better than another. But it definitely helps with the price tag. 
Let's look at 5 best refurbished smartphones that beat the hype around newer models. Not only are they all very capable, but they are also ones of the best budget smartphones worth considering. 

iPhone 8 

For those that still love the classic iPhone design, this smartphone is still well worth its money. It also has wireless charging capabilities, whilst it is still supported by Apple — so you will continue to get the latest version of iOS.  Starting at $300.


Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus

Cheaper than S10 and still a strong older brother, these power-packed handsets have a microSD expansion card, 3.5mm audio jack, rear fingerprint scanner, solid imaging experiences, dust and water resistance and a large battery.  Under $500


Google 3 XL

The 3 XL’s camera quality is as powerful as its competitors’ flagship smartphones and its 6.3-inch OLED Display is looking great. One of the best used Google smartphones,  Pixel 3 XL is shy of $400


iPhone XS

Higher priced than most phones on the list, this 2018 flagship still holds its value. Dual rear cameras, stainless steel and glass design, and incredible camera performance, make it obvious why you would pay  $500-800 for it


Samsung Galaxy Note 9

A beautiful model, the Note 9 comes with a Bluetooth S Pen and amazing note features, as well as enhanced audio and improved camera experience.  Roughly $500
There you go, these are just 5 of the phones that still hold up to the hype, on top of that, are sustainable. 

So buy a great, refurbished smartphone now and help reduce the amount of electronic waste.
How we rate our devices

A refurbished device that is 100% fully functional.

Scratches may be visible on the screen from arm's length, plus minor dents. Exceptional value.

A refurbished device that is 100% fully functional.

Screen in good condition, with very minor scratches/scuffs not visible at arm's length.

100% Fully Functional.

The device is in 'As New' condition with very faint to no marks on the device.

Never used and come with their full Australian Manufacturer's Warranty. Some might have been opened for quality checks, but they have never been activated.

These devices are refurbished and renewed by Apple. They are in “like new” condition, refurbished
with genuine Apple replacement parts and come with 12 month
Apple warranty.