Smartphones with the Best Battery Life

Let us dispel a myth. Many people refrain from buying used and reconditioned smartphones because they believe that they have issues with battery life. Needless to say, we rigorously test all our used smartphones to ensure that they charge efficiently.

Still, we appreciate that battery life is a concern for many customers. Not only are longer batteries more convenient for their users, they require fewer charges. This means not only does your household save money, it also allows you to live more sustainably and eco-consciously.

With that in mind, here are some of our favourite smartphones with the best battery life.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

There are many, many reasons to fall in love with Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, from its sleek design to its AMOLED screen. But with a battery life of 12 hours 35 minutes, it also offers impressive longevity.

Sony Experia Z2

It’s not just sleek and gorgeous, it’s also got a battery with real staying power. The Sony Experia Z2’s battery can last up to 11 hours and 47 minutes.

iPhone XR

Yeah, like you needed another reason to buy an iPhone XR. But this stunning phone has a battery life that’s bound to impress at 11 hours and 26 minutes.

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How we rate our devices

How we rate our devices



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