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How to Improve the Battery Life of Your Phone

Battery life is one of those things that you just can’t get enough of. 

Today we are using our smart phones to do more and more, from playing games, to navigation, listening to podcasts or even scrolling through Facebook.

Unfortunately, battery improvements have been one of the slowest improvements in smartphone development. 
Even the latest devices may struggle to go longer than 24 hours without requiring a charge.

Smart phones use a Lithium ion battery, the downside of this type of battery is that its maximum capacity depletes over time. The more charging cycles the battery has gone through, the lower the performance of the battery.

The way manufacturers can increase battery life is to put in a higher capacity battery in the device, but the trade-off is the device will be bigger and heavier. Instead manufacturers have looked at other improvements such as fast charging and wireless charging and with the latest fast charging technology from Samsung you can charge your device from 0 to 50% in about 30 minutes.

Even with improved charging speed you may still find yourself with only 5% battery left and nowhere to charge your device… but don’t worry! There are ways to get the most out of your battery life by optimising the settings and software in your smart phone. 

How to maximise battery performance for Android and IOS 
If you are experiencing issues with your battery life, we are here to help!
Here are a few suggestions on how to optimize your battery performance:

Close background applications regularly 
Having more than 1 app open at a time increases your CPU’s workload and increases power consumption. Some apps in particular significantly drain your power such as Facebook, Netflix and most games.

Update your device to the latest software
Manufacturers are often coming out with new updates to optimize your device and its processing abilities. By updating your software this ensures your device is running applications as efficiently as possible.

Turn off functions when not in use – WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS
This is a big battery drainer and is running in the background most of the time if enabled. You can disable applications access in location services, or set levels (in Android) to control how much power they use. 

Dim your Brightness
This may seem simple, but full brightness is not necessary for much of your day, feel free to raise and lower the brightness as necessary.
Also as an option is adaptive brightness or auto brightness depending on the model of the device you are using which will alter the brightness depending on the conditions around you.

Enable Low power mode
Depending on your device, a power saving option may be available in order to prolong your battery life.
This manages several features that have a higher drain on your battery. Location services may be restricted, so applications won’t use this feature. 
Most background data usage will also be restricted, this means applications may not update until you open them.

What Apps are draining my Battery -IOS
With your iPhone/iPad, you are able to see which Apps are draining your battery.
You can find this in Settings > Battery  
Wait a moment for this data to compile then tap on Show Detailed Usage.

What Apps are draining my Battery -Android
This information will be shown from your last full charge, for the most accurate report check this when your battery is running low.
Go to Settings > Battery/Power > Battery Usage

Another great option to get the most out of your phone while out and about is to purchase a power pack and to charge your phone on the go. You can purchase power packs of various capacities with some giving 2-3 full charges. 

Otherwise, if you think it may be time to upgrade your device to a newer model, you’re more than welcome to contact our friendly customer service team at OzMobiles to assist you in selecting the right device for you!

Keep an eye out via Facebook and the website for updates, efficiencies and more blogs to come!

From the company that likes to keep things simple,

The OzMobiles Team.


Posted on 27/04/2017 | Posted in Tips & Tricks

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