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Choosing Your Next iPad

You've decided to buy an iPad, but you’re not sure which model to buy?

With so many different models of iPads available out there, it can be difficult to find the right iPad for you.

For every model of iPad there are two different versions, a Wi-Fi only and a Wi-Fi with Cellular version. It may be a bit confusing for you if you are not familiar with these terms so let’s take a look at both and explore the possibilities and limitations of both types,

What is the difference between “Wi-Fi only” and “Wi-Fi + Cellular”?

The key difference is their different connectivity capabilities. One model is able to take a sim card and use cellular data like any smart phone, while the Wi-Fi only version can only receive data through a Wi-Fi connection.

This version of iPad has the ability to use cellular data to connect to the internet. By using a sim card with the iPad you are able to have internet access anywhere with a reliable 3G or 4G connection.

Depending on the iPad model and service provider, cellular data can be provided by either a 3G or 4G connection. All of the iPad 4’s and beyond use a 4G connection, which is considerably faster than a 3G connection. If a fast data connection is essential it would be worth looking at one of our newer iPad models.

To acquire a sim card, you can visit any major service provider in Australia and browse their data only plans. Make sure to double check the sim card size you require!

For frequent travellers, people who addicted to Facebook and those that want the option of checking their email no matter their location, the iPad with Cellular data is the best choice.

Wi-Fi Only

This particular iPad does not take a SIM card, which means you are only able to connect to the internet via a Wi-Fi network.

This version is perfect for people who use their iPad mostly at home or at work where they have a constant connection to a Wi-Fi network.

Today there are plenty of places that offer free Wi-Fi hot spots to connect to including; McDonalds, libraries and Café’s, so you can still travel with your Wi-Fi only iPad.

Hot Tip: You can use your iPhone as your data connection (Wi-Fi Hot Spot)

A great feature of new smart phones is the ability to use them as your own Wi-Fi hotspot. You can activate this feature in the settings of your device allowing you to use your smart phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot for your iPad.

Be careful though, if you only have a small data plan on your mobile service you may shoot through all your data!

Everything else is identical!

Apart from their connectivity differences, the two versions are the same iPad. They both have the same CPU, Capacity and screen, so you won’t notice any performance difference between the two version.

We hope we've made it easier for all the prospective iPad users out there!

Keep an eye out via Facebook and the website for updates, efficiencies and more blogs to come!

The OzMobiles Team.


Posted on 08/05/2017 | Posted in Tips & Tricks

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