Best Basic Phones for... Phone Calls

Smartphones are rather a revelation for the generations of today, with all the bells and whistles now included in the mini-computers that we keep in our pockets. However, a smartphone is primarily a phone, and sometimes you just don't want all the features and settings. For some, it's less about social media access and more about being able to use a smartphone as, well, a phone!

Spend A Little For A Lot
If this is you, then you're in good company with OzMobiles. We have plenty of affordable phones that will fulfil your needs to call people when you want to. Our Sony Experia XZ and Z2 range both have the capability of fewer features than an iPhone or Samsung and the ability to call people when you need to.

Each of our Samsung and iPhone models may have all the features, but the best part of a smartphone is the choice on whether you use them or not. Keep an iPhone and just use it to scroll the phonebook and call the family.

Best Basic Cell Phones
You need a basic phone for calling, and the OzMobiles catalogue has several options across the HTC, and Sony ranges that can fit both your budget and your wishes, without breaking your budget. Sometimes, you just need the bare essentials for your needs, which means you shouldn't have to spend hundreds of dollars if you don't need to! Check out our catalogue today, and you'll see what we mean!

Posted on 24/09/2019 | Posted in Lists

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