Are Second Hand Phones Reliable for Travel?

Companies that make smartphones are doing an excellent job of convincing young people that brand new phones are the only options out there. They will tell you that you lack in something because you don't have the latest and greatest model that costs hundreds - if not thousands - of dollars. Here's the thing: you don't need one. There are plenty of perfect working models of second hand mobile phones on the OzMobiles catalogue, and these will do the same job while you're on your travels as a brand new phone.

No Breakdowns

It's a common misconception that second hand phones are going to break down on you while you're travelling, but why would you worry when they are safe to use for a minimum of two years before natural wear and tear take hold? Buying a cheap unlocked phone is always going to be better while travelling anyway, as if you drop it or it gets lost, you haven't lost a $1,000 smartphone!

OzMobiles Options

Using a phone overseas is a must to keep in touch with the people you love. With OzMobiles, you can get iPhoneSamsungHTC and Sony models at a lower price without compromising on the quality. All of our phones are ex-demo or pre-owned, with some discounted new models in the mix. A visit to our website will get you set up for your next travelling adventure, safe in the knowledge your phone won't break down while you're away! 

How we rate our devices

How we rate our devices



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