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All our stock is put through an extensive testing process

The last thing you want when buying a used mobile device are any nasty surprises.

To ensure the quality of our stock, OzMobiles conducts a 60-point diagnostic testing and inspection process of any and all used handsets. This is including, but not limited to, checking the cosmetic condition of the device, as well as a whole array of functionality and security tests.

We use a combination of automated and manual processes throughout the 60 point check to ensure that we cover everything.

Ranging from all the obvious tests such as:

  • Physical Buttons, Switches & Vibrations
  • Network Connectivity - WiFi, Cellular, Bluetooth etc
  • Front and Rear Camera shutter and flash functionality
  • Battery Health
  • Microphones and Speakers

To things that are not so obvious such as:

  • Proximity & Light Sensors
  • Digitizer Health
  • Accelerometer and Gyroscopes
  • Network and Manufacturer Locks.

The list could go on and as smart devices are evolving rapidly with an ever-growing list of features and functions, as do our testing processes and procedures. Our teams are constantly on top of the quality assurance, by using our 60 point framework and leaving no stone left unturned.

We take pride in being careful and meticulous with our used devices.  

How we rate our devices

How we rate our devices



All our used phones undergo an

OzMobiles 60-point Health Check